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10 questions
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  • Q1

    equilibrium is ageneral name including both

    forces and their arms

    torque and force

    rotational and translational

    push and pull forces

  • Q2

    when the net torque effect on the body is equal zero, the body is in

    a) rotational equilibrium

    d) None of them

    c) both (a) and (b)

    b) translational equilibrium

  • Q3

    if the net force effect on the body is equal zero, the body is in

    b) static equilibrium

    a) dynamic equilibrium

    d) noneof the above

    c) both(a) and (b)

  • Q4

    If a body is a rest or move with uniform velocity it is said to be in

    Constant force

    Uniform motion



  • Q5

    A body is said to bein static equilibrium when it is

     moving with uniform velocity

    accelerated by the external force

    moving uniform in circular path

    at rest

  • Q6

    when an object is displaced slightly and it comes back to the position, this state is called


    strong equilibrium                    


    unstable equilibrium

  • Q7

    When an object is tilted slightly and it topples over, the state is termed

    Unstable equilibrium        

    Neutral equilibrium   

    Stable equilibrium                    

  • Q8

    If a block returns toits original position after slight tilt, then it is in state of

    static equilibrium                 

    unstable equilibrium

    stable equilibrium                    

    neutral equilibrium

  • Q9

    statics is

    study of stability

    all of the above

    study of moving

  • Q10

    the human arm can bein equilibrium when

    Σ torque = 0 only

    Σ torque = 0 or Σ force = 0

    Σ torque = 0 and Σ force = 0

    Σ force = 0 only


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