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الفصل الثانى قصة/ ثالثة ثانوى / مستر احمد عبد الحميد/ انشاص الرمل ث

Quiz by أحمد السعدونى

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    1- Why didn't Sapt and Fritz eat much on the evening they had dinner at the hunting lodge?
    they had a headache
    they were furious
    they had an early task
    the food was poisoned
  • Q2
    2- Why did the poor support the Duke?
    he was greedy
    he was bloody
    he was distant from them
    they wanted matters to change
  • Q3
    3- The king had to return to the palace in the dark because............
    he was afraid of the Duke
    the poor would attack him
    so that people don't know he was ill
    he wasn't wearing the king's clothes
  • Q4
    4- Rassendyll has to leave the country before it's light so that...................
    he can write a book about that
    the Duke can become king
    people wouldn't think he poisoned the king
    nobody knows that he pretended to be the king
  • Q5
    5- Why wasn't Rassendyll influenced badly after eating the cakes as the king?
    he was wiser
    he was conscientious
    he was stronger
    he didn't eat as many cakes as the king
  • Q6
    6- Strelsau was an example of racial discrimination as it was................
    a mixture of old and new buildings
    guesting the coronation
    very old
  • Q7
    7- Rassendyll was anxious when he saw Antoinette on the balcony as .............
    he thought she might recognize him
    she recognized him
    she wanted to marry him
    she didn't seehim off
  • Q8
    8-Why did Rassendyll look like the king of Ruritania?- Because.............
    they were half brothers
    they were distant cousins
    they were twins
    they were foes
  • Q9
    9-What happened at the end of the meal?
    the king ate poisonous cakes
    the king drank wine
    the king committed a suciide
    the king played chess
  • Q10
    10- When would Sapt get the king to Strelsau?
    2 weeks after the coronation
    three days of the coronation
    On the same day but later
    after getting rid of Michael
  • Q11
    11-Why did the Duke poison the king?
    to be crowned instead of him
    to inherit his palace
    to rob his house
    to be the lord instead
  • Q12
    12-Why did they lock Johann's mother in the cellar?
    she helped Michael
    as she overheard them
    she insulted them
    she stole their wealth
  • Q13
    13-Why was there no one to meet them at the station? AS they..............
    were an hour late
    People were busy
    were an hour earlier
    didn't have horses
  • Q14
    14-What was the first thing Sapt and Fritz did when they reached the capital?
    they send word to the palace
    they left quickly
    they told the Marshal the truth
    they sent a message to Flavia
  • Q15
    15- Why didn't many people know what the king look like?- He had always.........
    lived abroad
    lived in Ruritania
    lived with them
    lived in the forest

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