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الفصل الاول قصة /ثالثة ثانوى / مستر احمد عبد الحميد / انشاص الرمل الثانوية

Quiz by أحمد السعدونى

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35 questions
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  • Q1
    1- What did Rose blame Rassendyll for at breakfast? She blamed him for............
    using up his money
    for ignoring her
    going to Ruritania
    being idle and passive despite being 29 years
  • Q2
    2- How did Rassendyll justify not interesting in getting a job? - He said.......
    he was ambitious
    he was born into a wealthy family that enjoyed good position in society
    he was persuasive
    he was conscientious
  • Q3
    3-How far was Rassendyll different from his brother Robert?
    Rassendyll was lord Burlesdon
    Robert loves he Duke
    Robert was going to the Alps
    Rassendyll has red hair and Robert has his responsibilities
  • Q4
    4-What job did Rose suggested Rudolf should do?
    dig a well
    write a book for her
    defend her
    take a job for Sir Jacob
  • Q5
    5-What is Jacob going to be within six months' time?
    the English ambassador in England
    Lord of Burlesdon
    the new king
    the English ambassador in Ruritania
  • Q6
    6- What did Rassendyll think of the job offered to him by Rose?
    it was mysterious
    shit was shameful
    it sounded quite interesting
    it was well -paid
  • Q7
    7- Why was the motive of Rassendyll to go to Ruritania?
    to buy slaves
    to attend the coronation of Rudolf the fifth
    to see the castle
    for the purpose of money
  • Q8
    8-Rassendyll's family had an interest in Ruritania as..............
    Rodulf will marry there
    Countess Amelia was married to one of the Elphbergs
    the were enemies
    they were refugees
  • Q9
    9- What did Robert hang on the walls of his palace? - Paintings of..............
    Amelia and Flavia
    Amelia and her ancestors
    his children
    Amelia an her descendants
  • Q10
    10-What are the common features between Rassendyll and the Elphbergs?
    the black hair and red cheeks
    nothing at all
    straight noses and black eyes
    the red hair and straight nose
  • Q11
    11-How did Rassendyll act upon his Uncle William's advice?
    he spent 24 hours in Paris
    he went to the Alps
    he went to Ruritania
    he went to Dresden
  • Q12
    12-Why didn't Rassendyll tell them about his real destination?
    he didn't use to tell people about his destination
    to persuade Rose he accepted the job
    to make Rose think he was lazy
    to write a book without being disturbed
  • Q13
    13-What coincidence that collected Rassendyll and Antoinette de Mauban?
    both of them are staying in paris
    both of them were taking the same train to Ruritania
    they were the guests of the Duke
    they both went to the Alps
  • Q14
    14- What urged the guards at the Ruritania borders stare at Rassendyll?
    he had a false passport
    they suspected him
    he looked like their king
    he was handsome
  • Q15
    15- Why were most people in Ruritania in favor of the Duke?
    he cared about people
    he was a warrior
    he was irresponsible
    he was a stranger

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