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現在完了 完了

Quiz by 益子愛理

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7 questions
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  • Q1
  • Q2
    私はちょうどこの本を読んだところです。 I ( ) this book.
    Question Image
    has just readed
    just have read
    have just readed
    have just read
  • Q3
    私はまだ自分の部屋をそうじしていません。 I ( ) my room yet.
    Question Image
    haven’t cleans
    didn’t clean
    hasn’t cleaned
    haven’t cleaned
  • Q4
    彼はちょうど宿題を終えたところです。 He ( ) his homework.
    Question Image
    have just finished
    has just finish
    has just finished
    just have finished
  • Q5
    彼らはすでに駅に到着しました。 They ( ) at the station.
    Question Image
    has already arrived
    have just arrived
    have already arrive
    have already arrived
  • Q6
    私はまだ昼食を食べていません。 I ( ).
    Question Image
    haven’t had lunch yet
    haven’t have lunch yet
    haven’t had lunch already
    haven’t already had lunch
  • Q7
    Question Image
    Have you cooked dinner yet?
    Had you cooked dinner yet?
    Have you cook dinner yet?
    Did you cook dinner yet?

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