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베테랑스 SAT Vocab Day24(INT)

Quiz by 베테랑스 어학원

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    meticulous (adj.)
    considerable (size or amount) / 상당한
    cheerfully irresponsible; free of trouble and worry and care / 근심 걱정이 없는
    very careful; being very precise and accurate / 까다로운; 매우 조심스럽고 꼼꼼한
    highly enthusiastic / 찬사를 아끼지 않는
  • Q2
    sensitive (adj.)
    on the surface, related to the looks / 표면적 (외모적)
    located beneath or below; not readily apparent / 근원적인, 근본적인
    hatred / 비웃는, 상대방을 상처를 받게 하는
    able to detect ~ / ~에 민감한, ~를 측정가능한
  • Q3
    sensitivity (n.)
    something (like money) given as payment/reward / 보상
    the ability to detect or recognize a difference / ~에 민감함, ~에 대해 세심함
    something that makes progress difficult / 방해물, 방해
    a behavioral habit, sometimes done to pretend / 자주하는 행동 혹은 습관
  • Q4
    artifact (n.)
    worth, value / 가치
    man-made object / 사람이 만든 것
    constituents; what something is made of / 구성, 구성 요소들
    the quality of insight and sympathetic understanding; perception of that which is obscure; delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); a feeling of understanding / 0
  • Q5
    attribute X to Y (v.)
    to make changes to; to edit / ~을 수선하다; ~을 수정하다, ~의 어떤 점을 변경하다
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인으로 Y를 지목하다; Y가 X의 원인이라 얘기하다
    to travel across / ~을 가로질러 가다
    to pass or go beyond / ~의 범위나 한계를 벗어나다
  • Q6
    predecessor (n.)
    a large meeting or assembly, usually for a specific purpose; the traditional method of doing something / 회의, 집회, 대회; 관행
    one who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office) / 전신, 전에 사용되었던 물건
    something having similar properties to something / 대등한 것, 비슷한 것
    the combination of ideas or things into a complex whole / 통합체, 종합체
  • Q7
    retreat (n.)
    first appearance in public / 데뷔
    a place or trip, usually far away, for rest and peace / 휴양지, 휴양하러 가는 여행
    cautiousness and watchfulness / 경계심
    a claim or idea assumed to be true; the basis for an argument; the synopsis of a work of literature, cinema, or TV / 전제; (어떤 작품의) 설정
  • Q8
    prominent (adj.)
    having ill-will or hostility / 분노에 찬, 분개하는
    located beneath or below; not readily apparent / 근원적인, 근본적인
    conspicuous in position or importance / 눈에 띄는, 뚜렷한
    shallow, concerned with outer looks; only on surface / 외모에 신경 쓰는, 겉모습만 신경쓰는, 깊지 않은
  • Q9
    minimize (v.)
    to portray as less serious or significant / ~가 더 작거나 덜 중요한 것 처럼 얘기하다
    to control and move about something or someone / ~를 다루다; ~를 조종하다
    give encouragement to / ~에게 용기를 주다, ~을 격려하다
    to support from collapsing (structure, belief) / ~을 유지하다, 지탱하다
  • Q10
    fruitful (adj.)
    chosen at will (usually without any real standards) / (내키는대로) 정해지거나 선택된
    productive or conducive to producing in abundance; productive of profit / 생산적인
    astonished, shocked / 충격적인
    standing apart; showing lack of emotional involvement / 분리된, 떨어진; 본인 일이 아닌 것 처럼 행동하는
  • Q11
    dynamic (n.)
    the quality of being kind and gentle / 은혜로움
    factor that controls, influences a process of growth, change, interaction, or activity / 변화, 상호작용 등에 영향을 주는 요소
    open disrespect/dislike for a person or thing / 경멸, 멸시
    disregarding or rejecting an idea / 기각
  • Q12
    indulgent (adj.)
    being or producing something like nothing done, experienced, or created before / 혁신적인, 획기적인; 완전히 새로운
    yielding to the wishes of someone; allowing someone to do whatever he or she wants / 응석을 받아주는, 마음대로 하게 해주는
    conflicted (between two feelings) / 상반된 감정이 공존하는
    rival, in competition with / 경쟁하는
  • Q13
    doting (adj.)
    ignoring, not considering seriously enough / 배제하는, 없는 셈 치는
    caused by ~, due to ~ / ~에서 기인하는, ~가 원인인
    extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent / 애지중지하는, 끼고도는
    chosen at will (usually without any real standards) / (내키는대로) 정해지거나 선택된
  • Q14
    disinterested (adj.)
    confused / 당혹스러운, 혼란스러운
    in deep thoguht / 생각에 잠긴
    delicately beautiful / 정교하게 아름다운
    unaffected by self-interest / 사심없는, 공평한, 이해 관계 없는
  • Q15
    precocious (adj.)
    appearing or developing early (usually intellectually) / 조숙한
    showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt / 짓궂은, 악의에 찬
    not familiar; from an unfamiliar source / 이상한, 낯선
    new / 새로운

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