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베테랑스 SAT Vocab Day9(Final)

Quiz by 베테랑스 어학원

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70 questions
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  • Q1
    attribute X to Y (v.)
    to portray as less serious or significant / ~가 더 작거나 덜 중요한 것 처럼 얘기하다
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인이 Y라고 하다
    to reference or quote / ~를 인용하다
    to fix (so it doesn't move); to make firmer / ~을 지지하다, ~을 고정시키다
  • Q2
    offset (v.)
    to insert between other elements / ~에 불쑥 끼어들다 혹은 끼우다
    to move away (or push off) from a position; to take the place of / ~를 (자리에서) 밀어내다; ~을 대체하다, 대신 들어서다
    to change or modify, usually for a negative result / ~을 조작하다
    to compensate for or counterbalance / (반대의 성질의 무언가를) 추가해서 균형을 더 맞추다
  • Q3
    array (n.)
    attitude and action / 태도/행동
    a list or arrangement of things / 배열
    misunderstanding of something / 오해
    deviation from norm / 이상, 기형
  • Q4
    endure (v.)
    to emphasize or call attention to / 밑줄
    to put up with someone; to tolerate a difficult experience / 견디다
    to produce / ~를 생산해내다
    to change in order to make false or fake / ~을 위조하다, ~을 변조하다
  • Q5
    graze (v.)
    to reference indirectly / (~를) 넌지시 언급하다
    to say X is caused by Y / X의 원인이 Y라고 하다
    to go up / 올라가다
    to eat grass from the ground / (자연에서, 땅에 있는) 풀을 뜯어 먹다
  • Q6
    disregard (v.)
    to stimulate, stir, or rouse / ~를 휘젓다, ~에 자극을 주다
    to refuse to acknowledge; to ignore / 인정하지 않다; 무시
    to compensate for or counterbalance / (반대의 성질의 무언가를) 추가해서 균형을 더 맞추다
    to give a burden to / 부담을 주다
  • Q7
    hinder (v.)
    to speed up the progress of / ~을 빨리 보내다, ~가 더 빨리 되게 하다
    to put at a disadvantage; to prevent the progress or accomplishment of / ~을 방해하다, ~을 저지하다
    to cause; to incentivize / ~을 초래하다; ~을 하게 하다
    to become involved; to begin interacting with / ~을 하다; ~와 무언가를 시작하다
  • Q8
    aesthetic (adj.)
    located beneath or below; not readily apparent / 근원적인, 근본적인
    related to beauty and the way things look / 미학의, 심미적인
    accessible; easy to talk to / 접근 가능한
    derived from experiment and observation rather than theory / 실제적인, 실행상의, 경험에 의한
  • Q9
    unappealing (adj.)
    opposite of enthusiastic; not very willing or eager / 소극적인
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
    exhibiting confidence / 자신감에 찬
    marked by a concern for other people/humanity / 인도주의의, 박애주의의, 인간애의
  • Q10
    abundance (n.)
    a large amount or quantity of / 부유함, 풍부함
    anger due to injustice / 불공정에 대한 분노, 분개
    process of spreading, especially to a wide area / 퍼짐
    a positive consideration based on understanding of value / 이해를 통해 이루어지는 긍정적인 평가
  • Q11
    misconception (n.)
    open disrespect/dislike for a person or thing / 경멸, 멸시
    a group that's marching / 행렬
    an incorrect idea or understanding / 오해, 잘못된 생각
    question / 질문
  • Q12
    elusive (adj.)
    displaying vigor; energetic / 생기있는, 살아 움직이는, 활발한
    lack of symmetry; an imbalance between two parties / 비대칭인
    unable to be both true at the same time / 모순된
    difficult to catch or understand / 회피하는, 잡기 힘든
  • Q13
    dispute (v.)
    to challenge; to assert one's disagreement / ~에 이의를 제기하다
    to admit (usually to the opposition) / ~을 인정하다
    to produce / ~를 생산해내다
    to enter upon an activity or enterprise / ~하는 데 착수하다
  • Q14
    wariness (n.)
    a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help) / 후원자, 기부자
    something fancicul, odd, unpredictable (fun/imaginative) / 신비롭거나 신기한 것
    position/perspective one holds regarding a subject / 자세; 입장
    cautiousness and watchfulness / 경계심
  • Q15
    insular (adj.)
    narrowly restricted in outlook or scope; suggestive of the isolated life of an island; relating to or characteristic of or situated on an island / 뇌·췌장의 섬과 관련된
    interactive; impacting each other / 서로, 공통, 상호적인
    clearly true, obvious / 명백한
    able to detect ~ / ~에 민감한, ~를 측정가능한

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