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딥러닝 W10

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  • Q1
    plague (n.)
    a quality of happiness and liveliness / 즐거움
    a disease that causes death and that spreads quickly to a large number of people / 역병
    an assumption, at times premature, unwarranted or rude / (정확하지 않을 수 있는) 가정
    a mathematical expression used to discriminate between different possibilities or classes / 판별식
  • Q2
    remiss (adj.)
    extraordinarily large or great / 엄청난
    having or expressing strong opinions about what people should and should not do / 훈계조의
    not showing enough care and attention / 태만한
    bitter / 신랄한
  • Q3
    sneak (v.)
    set up on a firm or permanent basis / 설립하다
    to move quietly and secretly in order to avoid being noticed / 몰래 움직이다
    to force or place a burden on someone / ~에게 ~을 내세우다, 받아들이게 하다
    to make. [replace with "make" and it usually means the same] / ~를 ~로 되게 하다
  • Q4
    stagnant (adj.)
    humorously sarcastic or mocking / 비꼬는, 풍자적인
    intended to reconcile or pacify / 타협적인
    not active, changing, or progressing / 정체된
    not providing or saving for the future / 부주의한
  • Q5
    avert (v.)
    oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; destroy property or hinder normal operations; act in opposition to; oppose or check by a counteraction / ~을 거스르다
    to turn (your eyes, gaze, etc.) away or aside / 외면하다
    to combine or bring together to form a whole / 통합하다
    to make one's way by pushing and shoving aside people or things / 밀치면서 앞으로 나가다
  • Q6
    bewilder (v.)
    to replace or take the place of / 대체하다
    to confuse (someone) very much / 당혹스럽게 하다
    to comply / 순응하다
    to decide not to do or have something / 포기하다
  • Q7
    conscientious (adj.)
    not eager; unwilling to become involved / ~하기를 꺼리는
    occurring in the same period of time; of the present period / 동시대 사람, 동시대인; 현재 시대의
    very careful about doing what you are supposed to do / 양심적인
    not moving, unable to move / 움직일 수 없는
  • Q8
    contemplate (v.)
    to scold, reprimand / 질책하다
    to gather / 모으다
    to think deeply or carefully about (something) / 숙고하다
    to adopt or support a cause or belief / 옹호하다
  • Q9
    eligible (adj.)
    very careful about doing what you are supposed to do / 양심적인
    unable to be taken away or given up / 양도할 수 없는
    emitting light as a result of being heated / 백열의
    able to be chosen for something / 자격 있는
  • Q10
    glare (v.)
    form or compose; set up or lay the groundwork for; create and charge with a task or function; to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting" / ~을 구성하다
    to deprive of rights, vote / 선거권 박탈하다
    treat or regard someone with disrespect or contempt / 비하하다
    1. to look directly at someone in an angry way 2. to shine with a harsh, bright light / 1. 노려보다 2. 번쩍이다
  • Q11
    homogenous (adj.)
    all the same, not unique / 동질의
    characterized by hunting other animals; tending to exploit others / 포식하는, 사냥하는, 이용하는
    relating to a system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and individual states or provinces / 연방의
    able to be seen / clearly shown or visible / 명백한
  • Q12
    impeach (v.)
    1. a good taste or smell 2. to enjoy something for a long time / 1. 맛, 풍미 (명사) 2. 즐기다 (동사)
    to make more difficult / 복잡하게 하다
    a record of a count or score; to count or record / 기록/계산하다
    to charge (a public official) with a crime done while in office / 탄핵하다
  • Q13
    morale (n.)
    a person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc / 반역자
    the outer limits or edge of something / 주변
    a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs / 부족
    the amount of confidence and cheerfulness that a group of people have / 사기
  • Q14
    obligatory (adj.)
    genuine / 정중한, 진심을 담은
    required by a law or rule / 필수의
    excessive or unwarranted / 지나친, 과도한
    necessary for a particular purpose / 필요한
  • Q15
    premature (adj.)
    having a very eager approach to an activity; having a strong desire for a particular thing / 게걸스러운
    happening too soon or earlier than usua / 시기상조의
    showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others / 자선의
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence / 영리한

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