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딥러닝 Week6-2 Vocab Test

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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  • Q1
    wield (v.)
    to handle effectively; to have and exercise / ~을 휘두르다, ~을 행사하다
    to cause; to promote / ~을 이끌다, ~에 동력이 되다
    to foster the growth of / ~를 가꾸다
    to look past and fail to notice / ~을 보지 못하다; 놓치다
  • Q2
    indifferent (adj.)
    showing no care or concern; having no preference on the matter / 무심한, ~중에 선호하는 것이 없는
    cheerfully encouraging / 격려하는
    built well and strong / 튼튼한, 완강한
    having existed or continued for a long time / 장기간의, 오랜
  • Q3
    aspiration (n.)
    state of uncertainty regarding a choice between two things / 딜레마, 2개 중 고민이 되는 상황
    time available for ease and relaxation / 손쉬움, 여유로움
    a will to succeed; something one hopes to do / 성공하고자하는 소망; 이루고 싶은 것
    someone who makes or enacts laws / 입법자, 법률 제정자
  • Q4
    disavow (v.)
    to limit (a claim); to specify a condition to make a claim narrower / (어떤 주장을) 제한하다, 더 구체적으로 만들다
    to cut off (from a whole) / ~을 끊다
    to give up / ~을 놓다, 포기하다
    to refuse to acknolwedge (the validity of or association with) / ~을 부인하다, ~을 부정하다, ~와 연을 끊다
  • Q5
    retract (v.)
    to pull back; to take back / 뒤로 빼다 (혹은 빠지다); 철회하다
    to place into enforced isolation, usually for medical reasons / ~을 격리시키다
    to become similar to; to act like others do / ~와 일치하게 하다
    to be fond of; to be attached to / ~를 소중히 하다
  • Q6
    fanciful (adj.)
    humorously sarcastic or mocking / 비꼬는, 풍자적인
    gradually decreasing / 서서히 줄어드는, 작아지는, 약해지는
    imaginary, based on thought / 상상의, 공상적인
    unhappy at being away and longing for familiar things or persons / 향수를 불러일으키는
  • Q7
    synthesize (v.)
    to pretend; to make a pretense of / ~을 꾸미다, ~인 척을 하다
    to keep tabs on; to keep under surveillance / ~을 지켜보다, ~을 관찰하다
    to change or modify, usually for a negative result / ~을 조작하다
    combine to form a more complex product / ~를 합성하다
  • Q8
    cluster (v.)
    to become or be weak; to desire someone who's no longer there / 쇠약해지다; (없는 사람을) 그리워하다
    to cause to arise; to cause to happen rapidly / ~을 유도하다; ~을 (더 빠르게 일어나도록) 유도하다
    to come together or gather as a larger group / ~을 모으다, (더 큰 그룹으로) 모이다
    to express strong disapproval of / ~에 대해 강하게 비판하다
  • Q9
    composition (n.)
    a tool; a method / ~의 방법, ~의 수단, 도구
    constituents; what something is made of / 구도, 배치
    something that arouses awe or that is very impressive / 놀라움이나 감탄을 자아내는 것
    the legal right or document showing the legal right to something / 소유의 권리 혹은 그것을 입증하는 서류
  • Q10
    helpless (adj.)
    badly behaved; deliberately causing harm or damage; naughtily or annoyingly playful / 짓궂은
    recovering readily from adversity / 잘 버티는, 힘들어도 다시 일어서는
    unable to function or survive / 무력한
    bearing many offspring; producing a lot / 새끼를 많이 낳는, 열매를 많이 맺는; 많이 생산하는
  • Q11
    tendency (n.)
    inclination or disposition towards something / 성향
    showing or experience dissastisfaction / 불만족
    preliminary or rough drawing, description / 스케치, 대략적인 묘사
    having elaborately complex detail / 복잡함, 얽히고 설킴
  • Q12
    bluntness (n.)
    attitude and action / 태도/행동
    abundant wealth / 부유, 풍족함
    lack of harmony or peace / 불화, 불일치
    the quality of being direct and outspoken; without sharpness or clearness of edge or point / 무뚝뚝함, 직접적임, 솔직함; 뭉툭함
  • Q13
    unambiguous (adj.)
    lacking awareness of something / ~을 깨닫지 못하는
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
    very clear; having no room for doubt or confusion / 명백한, 확실한, 애매하지 않은
    struck with fear or dread / 당황한, 동요된, 불안한
  • Q14
    industry (n.)
    downheartedness; worry about future danger / 절망
    a tool; a method / ~의 방법, ~의 수단, 도구
    abundant wealth / 부유, 풍족함
    diligence; hard-working attitude / 부지런함
  • Q15
    mimic (v.)
    to imitate the actions of someone / ~을 따라 하다
    to place into enforced isolation, usually for medical reasons / ~을 격리시키다
    to attach firmly / ~을 고정시키다
    to reach a decision with determination / ~할 결심을 내리다

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