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05.02 Electron Configuration

Quiz by Kelly Gallagher

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Electron configuration refers to the _____________ of electrons.
    arrangement in orbitals
  • Q2
    Which is not a rule to follow when writing an atom's electron configuration?
    conservation of mass
  • Q3
    The __________ states that electrons must occupy the lowest energy orbitals first.
    hund's rule
    Pauli exclusion principle
    aufbau principle
    law of conservation of mass
  • Q4
    The _________ states that an orbital may contain at most 2 electrons.
    Pauli exclusion principle
    hund's rule
    Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    aufbau principle
  • Q5
    According to ___________ electrons will maximize the number of electrons with the same spin before doubling up in an orbital.
    Pauli exclusion principle
    Wolff's law
    Hund's rule
    aufbau principle
  • Q6
    ____________ states that you can't know with certainty both where an electron is and where it's going next.
    Pauli exclusion principle
    Hund's Rule
    The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    Aufbau principle
  • Q7
    __________ is a mathematical model describing the probability of finding an electron at a particular location in an atom.
    Hund's rule
    atomic orbitals
    Pauli Exclusion Principle
    Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

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