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1 - [ALL public] Sensibilisation au cloud

Quiz by PIGEYRE Romain

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    AWS takes the guesswork out of capacity planning by :
    Letting you quickly move from standby to production environments
    Providing numerous edge locations around the world
    Provisioning exactly the resources you need at the start of a project and letting you scale up or down based on actual resource needs
    Providing a virtual environment that lets you load the software and services your application requires
  • Q2
    Which of the following regarding the Share Responsability Model does the customer assume responsability for?
    The configuration of the AWS provided security group firewall
    The host operating system
    Physical data center security
    The virtualization layer
  • Q3
    To help customers achieve a global presence, AWS lets you place your applications in which of the following infrastructure pieces around the world ?
    AWS Regions
    Amazon CloudFront
    Edge Locations
    Amazon S3 Buckets
  • Q4
    A stock trading company wants to deliver real-time data to its customers. Which component of the AWS cloud computing platform will you explan to help convince the customer about robust content delivery network of AWS ?
    Edge Locations
    Availability Zones
  • Q5
    Amazon EC2 is part of which service category
    Deployment and Administration
  • Q6
    A developer of online games for social networking and mobile platforms requires a solution that will enable them to scale based on demand. Which attribute of cloud computing will you highlight when talking to this customer?
  • Q7
    Which statement best describes Availability Zones?
    Distinct locations within an AWS Region that are engineered to be isolated from failures while providing low latency
    Two zones containing compute resources that are designed to maintain synchronized copies of data between each other.
  • Q8
    Which one of the following services effectively allows customers to provision a private, isolated section of the network into which they can deploy resources ?
    Amazon CloudFront
    Amazon VPC
    Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
    AWS Direct Connect
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements bests describes Amazon EC2
    A web service that provides resizeable compute capacity in the cloud
    A fully managed, NoSQL database service
    A durable, scalable, object store
    A web service for content delivery
  • Q10
    Because of company security requirements, a customer needs to restrict user access to specific resources. Which AWS service can be used to manage users and groups both inside and outside of AWS ?
    Amazon CloudFront
    Amazon CloudWatch
    Amazon VPC
  • Q11
    A company needs to analyze the API calls into their account to perform security analysis and to detect user behavior patterns. Which AWS service is best suited for their security analysis needs?
    AWS OpsWorks
    Amazon CloudTrail
    Amazon CloudWatch
    AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Q12
    Which of the following components has the lowest impact on the cost of AWS Services ?
    Data Transfer out
    Secure Data Transfer
  • Q13
    The definition for Total Cost of Ownershop is :
    An estimate for the cost of running your specific project on AWS
    A demand-driven operating model for IT with pay-as-you-go pricing
    The comparison of several purchasing models to support different needs and cost requirements
    The acquisition and operating costs for running an infrastructure environment along with the costs of refreshing, decommisioning and retiring systems
  • Q14
    In what scenarios would a customer most likely use Amazon EC2 cluster instances ?
    To replace on-premises or offsite magnetic tape libraries
    To support workloads such as applications for science and engineering that require supercomputing performance
    To create snapshosts of on-premises data to be copied to Amazon S3
    To automate deployment and management of applications in the AWS Cloud
  • Q15
    An online music provider who operated a popular on-demand music streaming service is investigating a storage alternative for their rapidly growing catalogue of music. Which AWS service is best suited for the customer?
    Amazon Kinesis
    Amazon EMR
    Amazon S3
    Amazon RDS

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