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1 CNA Pract McC269

Quiz by Billi McClintock

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    A pt who used to go to the bathroom by herself now asks for help.  What is the NA response?

    Encourage independence and suggest that the pt try on her own

    Assist the pt and report the change to the nurse

    Update the resident's care plan

    Understand that these changes are just a normal part of aging

  • Q2

    When caring for a comatose pt., the NA is expected to

    keep the pt room dark and quiet

    talk to the patient while providing care

    avoid changing the pt. position

    provide mouth care once a day

  • Q3

    Which of the following is an example of disinfection?

    Using a wipe to clean around a resident's stoma

    Washing a resident's hands after toileting

    Cleaning a resident's bath basin with soap after use

    Cleaning a shower chair with chemical cleanser

  • Q4

    When a resident is unable to stand, the resident's height is obtained by

    having coworkers hold the resident upright to measure

    asking the resident's height and then subtracting an inch for age-related shrinkage

    adding the length of legs, chest, neck/head to determine the height

    measuring head to heels while the resident is laying flat in bed 

  • Q5

    A nurse aide enters a room just as a resident's wife slaps the resident.  The resident does not seem upset or hurt.  You should

    leave the room and close the door to allow privacy

    tell the wife that she must leave the facility for the day

    consider if this is normal behavior for this couple

    report this observation to the charge nurse immediately


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