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10.2 - Territory, Section 3

Quiz by Jimmy Severson

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the one question Federal CIO's do not want to be asked?
    What keeps you up at night?
    Are you participating in CDM?
    What are your standard IT investments for FY 2020?
    How is your funding affected by CPIC?
  • Q2
    Logical grouping and classification of related cost, quality and value of Information Technology and their functional areas is called Technology Business Management Taxation?
  • Q3
    TBM Framework is important because the OMB envisions using Agencies TBM data as a backbone to the Federal IT CPIC process
  • Q4
    According to OMB, Federal Agencies must effectively manage their portfolio of:
    Capital Assets including Information Technology
    MILPERS following documents
    Mandated Congressional Bills
    All the answers are correct
  • Q5
    OMB Section 300 is used for:
    Spending on all non-essential Non-IT requirements
    All planned and actual IT spending, except for national security information systems
    Noting what government official can address Congress
    All planned and actual IT spending, including national security information systems
  • Q6
    FITARA is the old Section 300 Exhibit 53
  • Q7
    The PMA acronym stands for:
    Periodical Monitoring Advice
    Performance Management Agency
    Performance Management Act
    No answers are correct
  • Q8
    FISMA is not for security requirements
  • Q9
    CDM program is:
    Advice to the President of the United States from Congressional members
    Provides guidance to security the physical structure of non-IT security requirements
    A dynamic approach to fortifying the cybersecurity of government networks and systems
    Controlling Congressional spending
  • Q10
    LPTA acronym stands for:
    Largest Portfolio Technically Acceptable
    Lowest Price Technically Acceptable
    Leaked Pricing To Everyone

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