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10.2/10.3 Quiz

Quiz by Laura Ramos

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Sam was sitting at his desk in front of a window doing his homework. Sunlight shone through the window and a glass of water on the desk and created a rainbow across Sam's paper. Where did the colors in the rainbow come from?
    The white sunlight was separated into all the colors that make up white light.
    The only way the rainbow could appear is because of a picture on the glass
    Since the glass was curved, it made the sunlight change colors.
    There was a chemical reaction between the sunlight and water that created the colors.
  • Q2
    Jacob went down to the lake on a very still day. The water's surface was completely smooth and he could see a tree reflected perfectly in the water. A breeze came up and disturbed the surface of the water and the reflection of the tree disappeared. Why could he see the tree's reflection when the water was still, but not when it was disturbed?
    The disturbed surface made the light waves reflect in many directions, breaking up the image.
    The disturbed surface changed the light waves' wavelength, changing the reflected image.
    The disturbed surface allowed some of the light waves to penetrate into the water, making gaps in the image.
    The disturbed surface kept the light waves from reflecting, making it impossible to see an image.
  • Q3
    When light passes through a prism, it separates and produces a rainbow of colors. What causes this to happen?
    The light refracts as it passes through the angled glass of a prism.
    The light slows down inside the prism which allows it to separate into colors.
    The light changes wavelength as it passes through the sides of the prism.
    The light reflects inside the prism and separates into single colors.
  • Q4
    Which term describes the action of light hitting an object and then bouncing back?
  • Q5
    Which of these statements is a correct explanation of how objects absorb and reflect colors of light?
    Blue objects absorb none of the wavelengths of light and reflect only blue light.
    White objects both absorb and reflect almost all wavelengths of light.
    Red objects absorb red light and reflect all other wavelengths of light.
    Black objects absorb almost all wavelengths of light.
  • Q6
    Which sound wave would travel at the fastest speed?
    sound waves generated by fireworks that explode in the sky
    sound generated by whales communicating with each other in the ocean
    sound waves generated by an earthquake that shakes the ground
    sound waves generated by a bat finding its way through echolocation
  • Q7
    Which statement explains why sound from musical instruments could NOT be heard if played on the moon?
    Earth has more water than the Moon
    The Moon has less gravity than Earth
    Earth has more particles than the moon.
    The Moon is smaller than Earth.
  • Q8
    Light waves travel at different speeds through different media. Which list shows the correct order of increasing speed of light waves in media, from slowest to fastest?
  • Q9
    Why does tightening a guitar string raise the pitch of the string when it is played?
    It allows the string to stay in motion longer, producing more sound waves.
    It stretches the string thinner so fewer sound waves are produced.
    It decreases the frequency of the sound waves produced by the plucked string.
    It increases the frequency of the sound waves produced by the plucked string.
  • Q10
    Andrea held her hand up in front of a light, and a shadow in the shape of her hand appeared on the opposite wall. What property of light explains why the shadow appeared?
    Light bends around objects in its path.
    Light waves are refracted by solid objects.
    Light travels in a straight line.
    Light passes through all objects.

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