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10.3-10.4 US Expansion and 19th c. Progress

Quiz by Cam McLaughlin

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is true about inventions in the late 19th century?

    Life was harder due to the influenza pandemics and foreign wars

    Average life span's decreased due to food shortages

    Car, telephone, and electricity helped ease ways of living

    Work hours increased because of lack of new technology 

  • Q2

    Reconstruction was_____________________

    Period of English history where London rebuilt from the Great Fire of 1884

    The concept that drove Americans west and displaced Native Americans

    Period of US history where Union troops were sent to the South to protect the rights of Blacks

    era of time where Southern states created laws that restricted the rights of African Americans

  • Q3

    Eviction of Native Americans was justified by the idea known as ____________________

    Jim Crowism

    Manifest Destiny



  • Q4

    A. Lincoln's promise to end the spread of slavery scared Southern states into _____________________________

    Asking Great Britain to annex the Southern states

    Seceding from the United States

    Building a wall around Richmond Virginia 

    Dig a giant canal that would separate the Southern and Northern States

  • Q5

    Henry Ford is best known for ___________________________

    Working with electromagnetic waves and creating the wireless radio 

    Insisting that all of his operating rooms were sterilized and his patient's wounds were cleaned with antiseptics 

    Finding two of the missing elements of Radium and Polonium 

    being an industrialist who made car manufacturing more efficient by introducing the assembly line 

  • Q6

    Thomas Edison's research assistant was ___________________________

    Charles Darwin 

    Lewis Latimer

    Pierre Curie 

    Orville Wright 

  • Q7

    Natural selection is the concept that ____________________________ is based upon

    Pasteur's Germ Theory 

    Wright's theory of Lift and Thrust

    Darwin's Theory of Evolution 

    The Wall of Sound

  • Q8

    In 1853, the United States bought 29000 acres of land from Mexico called ____________________

    Seward's Folly 

    The Gadsden Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase 

    The Kansas - Nebraska Act

  • Q9

    The Confederate attack on Ft. Sumter in April of 1861 launched _________________

    The Crimean War

    The Spanish American War


    The U.S. Civil War

  • Q10

    Which of the following is not true about the differences between North and South 

    Differences led to conflict over slavery 

    The North had a diversified economy 

    The South wanted laws to protect slavery 

    The Southern economy was based on heavy industrialization 

  • Q11

    _____________________________ declared that all slaves in the Confederacy were free

    The 13th Amendment 

    The Bill of Rights 

    The Emancipation Proclamation

    The 10th Amendment

  • Q12

    Mexico fought against, lost and gave ________________________ their independence

    The United States




  • Q13

    __________________________ developed the theory of Evolution 

    Albert Einstein 

    Louis Pasteur 

    Charles Darwin 

    Charles Schultz

  • Q14

    Louis Pasteur developed the ____________________

    Pythagorean Theorem 

    Concept of Natural Selection

    Germ Theory of Disease 

    Wireless Radio 

  • Q15

    Finding that bacteria caused disease was the important work of ___________________

    Louis Pasteur 

    Ivan Pavlov 

    John Dalton 

    Dimitri Mendeleev 


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