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10/8 - 2 Step Word Problems

Quiz by Shanna Bailey

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    On Monday, Lana walked from her house 6 blocks to school, 5 blocks to the library, 2 blocks to the post office, and then took the same path home. How many blocks did Lana walk altogether?
  • Q2
    Sue has 17 cookies. Edward has 9 fewer cookies than Sue. What is the total number of cookies Sue and Edward have?
    26 cookies
    8 cookies
    25 cookies
    12 cookies
  • Q3
    Simon's goal is to collect 500 cans for a food drive. The first week, he collected 128 cans. The second week, he collected 209 cans. How many more cans does Simon need to collect to meet his goal?
    837 cans
    372 cans
    237 cans
    163 cans
  • Q4
    The ice cream shop sold 400 total ice cream cones in one week. They sold 103 on Monday, 87 on Tuesday, 56 on Wednesday, and 92 on Thursday. How many ice cream cones did they sale on Friday?
    72 ice cream cones
    338 ice cream cones
    238 ice cream cones
    62 ice cream cones

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