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10G, U2-L3: Leadership Development, Habit 1: Be Proactive, Part I, Bell Ringer

Quiz by Super 7 Girls

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  • Q1

    An act of kindness is:

    A quality of moral, good, and truthful character

    A selfless, caring deed

    An act of rejuvenation

    A natural ability

  • Q2

    While staring at the blank canvas, Amy was nervous. She thought to herself, “What if my painting sucks? Everyone in class will laugh at me.” What might Amy do to make a deposit into her PBA? (select the best answer)

    Amy should compliment someone else’s painting rather than stressing out about painting on her own.

    Amy should be gentle on herself and accept that she doesn’t need to be perfect to enjoy painting.

    Amy should accept that painting is not her natural talent and move on to something else.

  • Q3

    Francine needs to write essays for both her English and Government courses. Although the Government course has a specific topic, the English paper can be on any topic. It seems to make sense to only write one essay and submit the same one to both courses. How is Francine missing out on a Key PBA Deposit by doing this? (select the best answer)

    Francine is not maintaining honesty by submitting duplicate work for two classes.

    Francine is breaking a promise to herself by not completing both essays.

    Francine is not taking advantage of her talent for writing.


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