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10G: U2-L9: Leadership Development, Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, Part IV, Bell Ringer

Quiz by Super 7 Girls

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3 questions
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  • Q1

    What method for developing a mission statement involves gathering inspiring lines from other people?

    The Retreat

    The Quote Collection

    The Brain Dump

    The Big Lazy

  • Q2

    Sam is writing her Mission Statement and is inspired by her own ambitions about success. She has a friend read the first draft and Sam is surprised by how turned off her friend is. The friend says it looks like Sam’s mission is to stomp out all who stand in her way. Sam may have been:

    Feeling negatively about labels she’s been giving herself in the past.

    Climbing the Wrong Wall and missing her core principles.

    Upset about past mistakes and decided to give up.

  • Q3

    Marie has made a lot of improvements academically since 9th grade. Some people still think of her as a goof-off who doesn’t take school seriously or as someone who just isn’t smart. As she writes her Personal Mission Statement, she doesn’t let that impede her aspirations. Marie is doing well by:

    Avoiding the Wrong Wall.

    Avoiding Negative Labels.

    Avoiding “It’s All Over” Syndrome.


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