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11: Rainbow Magic

Quiz by Michelle Clausen

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    What must happen to light before you can see its different colors?
    The light must bend.
    The light must move from east to west.
    The light has to travel in a circle.
  • Q2
    Why can't you see a rainbow on a cloudy day?
    You need to have the sun shining to see a rainbow.
    Clouds don't leave enough room for a rainbow.
    It would be too cold for a rainbow to form.
  • Q3
    IN which direction would you look for a rainbow in the morning?
    You would look toward the south.
    You would look toward the west.
    You would look toward the east.
  • Q4
    Why can't you see a rainbow at noon?
    There are not enough raindrops in the sky.
    It is too bright at noon.
    The sun is too high in the sky.

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