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  • Q1

    Why did European explorers search for the Northwest Passage? 

    To discover new technology for crossing the Atlantic Ocean

    To discover a new sea route to Asia

    To find the legendary Seven Cities of Gold

    To discover new technology for crossing the Atlantic Ocean

  • Q2

    What was the INITIAL reason many European explorers sailed to America? 

    To find new sources of cheap labor

    To spead Christianity to Africa

    To form military alliances

    To find new trade routes to Asia

  • Q3

    Which reason best completes this list? 

    Question Image

    To claim new territory

    To improve efficiency in manufacturing

    To spread democratic ideals

    To claim new territory

  • Q4

    Which motive best completes the diagram?

    Question Image

    To expand empires

    To found utopian communities

    To extend democracy

    To promote free enterprise

  • Q5

    Marco Polo traveled to Asia because he desired to-

    make money by selling things he brought back from his trip

    gain inspiration to write a novel to become wealthy

    study the government system of the Chinese

    learn about the different cultures in Asia

  • Q6

    Which number represents the location of Europe? 

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  • Q7

    Which phrase best summarizes the main goals of European explorers who sailed to the New World in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries? 

    Gold, Glory and God

    Trade, riches, and freedom

    Peace, honor and strength

    Land, friendship, and travel

  • Q8

    Which factor did NOT contribute to European exploration in the New World? 

    Desire for increased trade with Asia

    Pressure to spread democratic ideas

    New inventions and advances in technology

    Increased interest in the arts and education

  • Q9

    Early European explorers who came to the New World were loking for a Northwest Passage in order to

    explore the Great Lakes

    prove the world was round

    find a shorter water-route to Asia

    improve trade with Native American Indians

  • Q10

    The journeys of Henry Hudson, Christopher Columbus, and Robert de La Salle to the "New World" were made possible because of the

    effects of Atlantic Slave Trade

    development of new navigational instruments and technology

    trade connections established by the travels of Marco Polo

    support of exploration by the English Parliament


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