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1101 Domain V Questions

Quiz by Marcus Scott

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    A technician received a call that the network printer was printing garbled text. The technician printed a test page from several users’ workstations and received the same result. The technician then ran a diagnostic on the printer, and everything passed. After uninstalling the printer from a user’s workstation and then reinstalling it, the printer is now working properly. Which of the following was the cause of this issue?
    The font was changed by the user in the printing preferences
    The toner level in the printer was extremely low
    There were several print jobs hung in the queue.
    Drivers on the users’ workstations were out of date
  • Q2
    The printer in the accounting department has stopped all printing processes. The print queue shows that there are seven jobs in the queue that are waiting to be printed. Which of the following would be the BEST next troubleshooting step?
    Send a test job to the printer and move it to the top of the queue
    Restart the printer's spooler
    Delete everything in the queue and resend the print jobs
    Install an updated version of the printer driver
  • Q3
    A system administrator has connected an external USB drive to a computer to transfer some documents. When booting the computer, the system tries to boot from the external drive and gives an error message. Which of the following would be the BEST way to prevent the USB drive from booting?
    Disable the external drive in Device Manager
    Modify the BIOS to boot from the internal hard drive
    Modify the boot order in Windows Disk Management
    Rebuild the MBR on the external hard drive
  • Q4
    A client’s laptop has recently had its internal mini-PCIe wireless adapter card replaced. Although Device Manager shows the card working properly, the wireless card management software shows very low signal strength. The wireless card keeps dropping its wireless connection and will not maintain a consistent network link. What is the most likely reason for this problem?
    The operating system doesn’t support the wireless card
    The wireless card is administratively powered of
    The mini-PCIe card isn’t compatible with the laptop
    The wireless adapter antenna cable isn’t connected
  • Q5
    A user has powered on their computer and received the message “Operating system not found.” A check of the system shows that the hard drive cables are properly connected. Which of the following would be the NEXT best troubleshooting step?
    Replace the boot drive
    Boot to Safe Mode
    Check for removable drives
    Restore from a known good backup
  • Q6
    A user is having an issue with a smartphone not recognizing their location on a map. All other Internet and phone features are working properly. Which of the following would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?
    GPS is disabled
    Storage space is low
    The battery is low
    Wi-Fi is enabled
  • Q7
    A graphics designer is experiencing increasing delays when accessing files on her hard drive. The user maintains a daily backup of all data on the drive. Which of these would be the BEST next troubleshooting step for this issue?
    Reinstall Windows
    Perform a hard drive diagnostic
    Restore from the daily backup
    Boot to Safe Mode
  • Q8
    When a user starts their computer, the screen remains blank and the computer beeps twice. Which of these would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?
    The memory is faulty
    The PC is infected with malware
    The boot device is not connected
    The operating system has become corrupted
  • Q9
    A technician is connecting a laptop to an LCD projector in a conference room. The display on the laptop works properly, but the projector image is constantly flickering and pixelating. The technician has modified the resolution and refresh rates, but the projector image continues to flicker. Which of the following would be the BEST next troubleshooting step?
    Power cycle the projector
    Replace the video cable
    Replace the projector bulb
    Disable the laptop display
  • Q10
    A server administrator has received an alert showing that one drive in a RAID 1 array has failed. Which of the following would be the best way to resolve this alert?
    Replace all drives in the array and resync the array
    Convert the array to RAID 0 and replace the drive
    Replace the bad drive and restore from backup
    Replace the bad drive and resync the array
  • Q11
    A user has just connected to a new wireless network, but they cannot view any Internet web sites. Their network configuration shows the IP address as, the subnet mask is, and they have not been assigned a default gateway. Which of these is the MOST likely cause of this issue?
    The subnet mask is not correct
    The DHCP server is down
    The Internet provider is experiencing a temporary outage
    The wireless adapter is not working properly
  • Q12
    A desktop computer has just abruptly shut off, and pressing the power button doesn’t restart the system. There are no fans spinning, no lights are on, and no messages appear on the display. Which of these would be the MOST likely cause of this issue?
    The boot sector is missing
    The power supply is faulty
    The BIOS is configured with a startup password
    The master boot record is corrupted
  • Q13
    A desktop administrator has been asked to troubleshoot a laptop computer that beeps during the power on process while the laptop screen remains dark. Which of the following would be the best NEXT troubleshooting step?
    Evaluate results
    Implement a solution
    Document findings
    Establish a theory
  • Q14
    A developer is connecting a laptop to an LCD projector, but the system is displaying artifacts on both screens when the two are connected. Which of the following should resolve this issue?
    Connect the laptop to a power source
    Disable advanced video features
    Turn the projector off and back on again
    Change the laptop resolution
  • Q15
    A system administrator has been asked to troubleshoot a print server that is no longer operating. The print server displays an error code on the front panel and does not respond to any user input. The system administrator has created a list of four theories that might cause this particular error. Which of the following would be the best NEXT troubleshooting step?
    Document the theories in the company knowledgebase
    Test each theory on a lab system
    Try different theories on the print server until the problem is resolved
    Replace the print server device

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