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[110.24.b.5.e] Text-to -Text Connections - (TEKS Grade 8 ELA)

Quiz by TEKS Grade 8 ELA

Grade 8
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    What is a theme that Papa's Parrot and The Oak and the Rose share?
    Life changes
  • Q2
    Two characters with comparable experiences are Harry and the Oak. What do Harry and the Oak have in common?
    They think that they are better than others.
    They don't care about a person that they love anymore.
    They are both younger characters.
    Their relationships with their loved ones change as they grow up.
  • Q3
    What is a key difference between Harry and the oak tree?
    Harry grew up and changed as a person, while the oak tree just got taller.
    Harry and the oak tree don't have any major differences aside from the fact that one is a human and the other is a tree.
    Harry makes an effort to rebuild his relationship with his father, while the oak tree seems to be content with his new life apart from the rose.
    Harry is a kind character, while the oak tree is cruel.
  • Q4
    How is the relationship between Harry and his father different from the relationship between the oak tree and the rose?
    Harry and his father are more similar than the rose and the oak tree.
    Harry and his father truly love each other while the oak tree and the rose don't care about each other.
    Harry and his father understand each other well, while the rose and the oak tree aren't able to put themselves in the other's shoes.
    Harry and his father have a strong family bond that is rekindled by the end of the story, while the oak tree and rose's friendship doesn't remain strong as the oak tree grows.
  • Q5
    Both Harry and the oak tree grow up in the story, and as they grow, their perspectives begin to change. Which line from Papa's Parrot reveals this change in Harry?
    "So, the next morning, while Mr. Tillian lay in his hospital bed, Harry took the shop key to school with him. After school he left his friends and walked to the empty shop alone. In all the days of his life, Harry had never seen the shop closed after school. "
    "At home things were different. Harry and his father joked with each other at the dinner table as they always had – Mr. Tillian teasing Harry about his smelly socks; Harry teasing Mr. Tillian about his blubbery stomach. At home things seemed all right. "
    "They were older and they had more spending money. They went to a burger place. They played video games. They shopped for records. None of them were much interested in candy and nuts anymore. "
    “'I’m here, you stupid bird! I’m here!' Harry yelled. He threw the peppermints at the cage, and the bird screamed and clung to its perch. "
  • Q6
    Which line from The Oak and the Rose best reveals this change in the oak tree?
    "'I guess you think you're pretty great,' The rose was heard to cry, Screaming as loud as it possibly could To the treetop in the sky."
    "'And now you have no time for flower talk, Now that you've grown so tall.'"
    "'It's not so much that I've grown,' said the tree, 'It's just that you've stayed so small.'"
    "The oak tree grew so high That now it spoke of newer things- Eagles, mountain peaks and sky."
  • Q7
    What is the greatest difference between Mr. Tillian and the rose?
    How much they are impacted by the way the other character is changing
    The way that they deal with the changes in the other character
    Mr. Tillian has a male perspective, while the rose's actions and behavior show a more female perspective.
    How important the other character is in their life
  • Q8
    Genre is important in how a story is conveyed. How does the structure of the poem impact the way we view The Oak and the Rose compared to how the short story format impacts the way we view Papa's Parrot?
    The rhyming of the poetry gives The Oak and the Rose a lighter mood, while the short story format of Papa's Parrot make it feel more serious.
    The poetry format of The Oak and the Rose makes it more difficult to understand compared to the short story format of Papa's Parrot.
    The poem format makes the story feel more emotional while the short story format makes it feel more logical.
    The longer short story format makes Papa's Parrot a more interesting and detailed story, while the short lines in The Oak and the Rose make the poem feel incomplete.
  • Q9
    Which text best encompasses feelings of frustration and resistance to change?
    Papa's Parrot
    The Oak and the Rose
  • Q10
    In Papa's Parrot, Cynthia Rylant conveys that family is valuable. What is a key message in The Oak and the Rose?
    You should never change your friends because they will become angry with you.
    Growing and changing means that you will lose your friends.
    It is important to bring your old friends along with you if your life starts going in a different direction.
    When a person grows and changes, this can mean growing away from friends

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