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  • Q1
    Why does the author use sensory images in paragraph 3?
    To illustrate that hearing so well was disturbing
    To prove that she really didn't need a hearing aid
    To describe her irrational fear of sound
    To communicate that she was frequently interrupted
  • Q2
    In which line does the author use alliteration to support the primary message of the selection?
    I listened hard until I heard a faint, unbirdlike, croaking sound.
    Songs imagined are as sweet as songs heard, and songs shared are sweeter still.
    For the first time, I felt unequal, disadvantaged and disabled.
    I imagined capering bullmen and I was disappointed to learn that all we had in the garden were overgrown "baby tears."
  • Q3
    Why does the author conclude the article by addressing the reader directly?
    To include the reader in a personal joke
    To suggest that most non-hearing people do not need hearing aids
    To highlight the most important aspects of a conversation
    To instruct the reader how to treat people with hearing difficulties
  • Q4
    Which line demonstrates the author's realization that she may have overestimated her abilities?
    But of course what really made me feel like catching the next bus for Arkansas was that in all the offices I managed to invade, not one casting man had looked at me with sudden interest and exclaimed, "That girl has something."
    It tells me no dream is impossible because faith in my inner self will guide me to its fulfillment.
    Since then I've found this inner voice always spoke the truth or made me try to find it for myself.
    No one in my entire family had ever had artistic yearnings, so they looked upon my girlish dreams as a rather silly and impractical phase, which I would surely outgrow and then settle down in Arkansas like my more sensible cousins.
  • Q5
    In paragraph 11, the author uses personification to show that the computer -
    has the power to tempt him
    has its own vulnerabilities
    deserves his sympathy
    is capable of evil
  • Q6
    The author's position about the Internet is that -
    people should not rely solely on the Internet to provide them with news and other information
    although the Internet is often useful, it can become addictive and hamper human interaction
    even though there are some good things about the Internet, overall it has affected civilization for the worse
    people can have meaningful vacations only if they leave all electronic devices at home

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