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Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Katy wants to create a more effective thesis statement for her paper. Which of the following could replace sentence 4 and more accurately convey the thesis of this paper?
    Fearing life in the city, they chose a more rural existence in a big yellow school bus.
    This young couple lives in a uniquely converted school bus that they have affectionately named Rosie.
    Instead of a normal dwelling, they have chosen a vehicle-something quite rare, strange, and out of the norm.
    This couple didn't have to, but they decided that a bus is what they wanted to have.
  • Q2
    Katy's transition from the second paragraph (sentences 5-9) to the third paragraph (sentences 10-14) is weak. Which of the following could best replace sentence 10 and provide a more effective transition between these two paragraphs?
    What a joy it was to begin an eco-friendly project!
    Then the couple faced the task of turning the school bus into a home.
    Finding the bus on an Internet site had seemed like a miracle.
    It was time to begin all the hard work.
  • Q3
    Katy realizes that she left the following detail out of the fourth paragraph (sentences 15-22). Where is the most effective place to insert this sentence?
    Question Image
    After sentence 22
    After sentence 21
    At the beginning of the paragraph
    This sentence is not relevant to the main idea of the paragraph and should not be inserted.
  • Q4
    Katy would like to add a quotation to the end of her paper to directly support the idea expressed in sentence 28. Which of the following could best follow and support sentence 28?
    "We both struggle with putting things where they go," Natalie said. "It's easy to find space to dump stuff on. I think every home has that."
    "We can cook full meals and people migrate between inside the bus, the backyard, and the campfire," commented Mike. "We've been blessed with this space and the chance to exercise this experiment."
    "Unfortunately, I do get attached to vehicles, so I think we do have to figure out what to do with it for about the next 30 years," Mike added.
    "And, honestly, between the hours of 11 A.M. and 6 P.M., we weren't able to live in here comfortably even with the AC," Natalie once admitted. "We burned one out, it was so hot."
  • Q5
    Alicia has not provided a thesis for her paper. Which of the following should come after sentence 4 to serve as a thesis statement for this paper?
    For example, your basic feelings can be attributed to how people perceive you to be holding your body.
    Interestingly, the entire concept seems to have been proved to work in reverse as well.
    However, you've probably already heard that people assess what you're feeling by observing your body language.
    In other words, the facial expressions and body postures you adopt can actually influence how you feel.
  • Q6
    Alicia needs to add the following detail to the second paragraph (sentences 5-10). Where should this sentence be inserted?
    Question Image
    After sentence 6
    After sentence 5
    Before sentence 5
    After sentence 7
  • Q7
    Anika has written a weak thesis statement for her paper. Which of the following can replace sentences 4 and 5 and serve as a more effective thesis for this paper?
    Coober Pedy's interesting history includes miners, people living under ground, very hot weather, and media attention. All of this put together makes Coober Pedy an interesting place to me.
    The people who live in Coober Pedy love their special little city. All of these people have made a decision to live in a unique way.
    It isn't what you can see that makes this city amazing; it's what you cannot see. There are 3,500 people who call Coober Pedy home, and almost all of them live and work under ground.
    It isn't because it's abandoned that Coober Pedy is fascinating; it's because it only looks abandoned since people are really living under ground.
  • Q8
    Which of these ideas could best follow and support sentence 23?
    Today the people in this town get the vast majority of their water from under ground from a source 24 kilometers away that has to be pumped in via an underground pipeline.
    More than 150,000 people visit the small town each year, and a host of movies, including Kangaroo Jack, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Opal Dream, have been filmed there.
    Coober Pedy residents now make their livelihood in both the tourism industry and opal-mining industry, and this keeps most of the people working and able to provide for their families.
    Since February of 1915, many of the highest-quality opals in the entire world have been found in Coober Pedy; in fact, Coober Pedy is sometimes even referred to as the opal capital of the world.
  • Q9
    Danny would like to add the following detail to the second paragraph (sentences 6-16). Where is the most effective place to insert this sentence?
    Question Image
    After sentence 9
    After sentence 11
    After sentence 12
    After sentence 10
  • Q10
    Danny would like to add a relevant quotation to the end of the third paragraph (sentences 17-22). Which of the following could best follow sentence 22 and help support the ideas in this paragraph?
    "He hangs out with Cameron every weekend," Mack's mom noted.
    "High school has been just great," Mack commented.
    "I just felt like it needed to be done," Mack said, "so I did it."
    "Mack was nice to me and really funny," Cameron explained.
  • Q11
    Danny ended his paper abruptly. Which sentence could be added after sentence 32 to bring this paper to a more effective close?
    Obviously, Mack and Cameron will be friends forever and will be sure to make a difference in many exciting ways.
    Isn't it hard to imagine a person in a wheelchair traveling that fast in a race?
    Mack and Cameron's story is inspirational, a reminder to the world that challenges can never stop true friendship.
    In conclusion, only time will tell how much these amazing runners will be able to accomplish if their friendship stays strong and their determination brings hope to others.
  • Q12
    Julio did not write an effective thesis for this paper. He would like to delete sentences 4 and 5 and replace them with two sentences that better articulate his thesis. Which of the following should he use?
    Wind turbines aren't anything new. They have been around for a long time.
    This wind turbine is unique. It can produce both energy and water.
    A wind turbine may be the perfect answer. Experts believe this is true.
    People come up with new ideas. And new ideas mean creative solutions for all.
  • Q13
    Julio's transition from the second paragraph (sentences 6-13) to the third paragraph (sentences 14-18) is weak. Which of the following could best replace sentence 14 and provide a more effective transition between these two paragraphs?
    We need something to assist with the serious water crisis we are facing.
    It's our job as young people to bring national attention to the crisis.
    Many people in the United States are unaware that such a crisis exists.
    Today there are people who are illiterate about this situation.
  • Q14
    Which sentence can Julio add after sentence 17 to provide additional support for the ideas presented in the third paragraph (sentences 14-18)?
    I cannot imagine having to spend any portion of my day collecting the water that my family needs to survive.
    Some must travel great distances for water, carrying containers that weigh as much as 40 pounds.
    Women and children are the ones who typically have to bear this responsibility.
    Water has to be found that will meet all the family's needs for drinking, bathing, and cooking.
  • Q15
    Fatima realizes she has offered a weak thesis in this paper. Which of the following could replace sentences 1 and 2 and provide a more effective thesis statement for Fatima's paper?
    Mia Hamm is one of the most celebrated female soccer players of all time and is an inspiration to young women everywhere. Her contributions to women's soccer have had an unmistakable impact on the sport, both in the United States and internationally.
    There is a soccer player in this country that is clearly more talented than all the rest. Her name is Mia Hamm, and she is an outstanding player and a model athlete who works hard to make sure she is always setting an example for other athletes and for the world at large.
    Mia Hamm is an interesting and fun personality, and I am grateful for this opportunity to research her story. I think that as you read my paper, you will agree that she has added great energy to women's sports in this country and also to sports around the world.
    If you don't know Mia Hamm, you probably don't know much. Many people say that she is the greatest soccer player of all time because she is so supremely committed to soccer and also to all that it means to herself and the other people of the world.

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