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Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What major theme is explored in the story?
    Family bonds are priceless.
    Appearances can be deceiving.
    Working hard is the best way to accomplish a goal.
    Responsibility is often difficult to accept.
  • Q2
    Which sentence best reflects a primary theme of the selection?
    As a child, I lived some distance back in the woods.
    I didn't know what it was to be lonely.
    Mama was a delightful person.
    Life was simple for us, but it was good.
  • Q3
    This excerpt can best be described as exploring the theme of -
    reverence for the natural world
    survival in extreme conditions
    courage in the face of danger
    standing up for a principle
  • Q4
    How does paragraph 6 contribute to the author's message?
    It details the advantages of books to support his belief about their value.
    It offers a solution to the problem of books becoming outdated.
    It explores whether the best source of knowledge is the Internet or libraries.
    It presents his argument for replacing libraries with modern technology.
  • Q5
    Paragraph 7 highlights the author's message by suggesting that books -
    are more appealing to people with academic backgrounds
    will eventually be replaced by other media
    provide people with knowledge not available elsewhere
    offer something deeper than other forms of entertainment

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