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  • Q1
    Which quotation foreshadows the ultimate decision to allow the boy to use the name "Gogol" at school instead of "Nikhil"?
    Gogol looks down at his sneakers. The way the principal pronounces his new name is different from the way his parents say it, the second part of it longer, sounding like "heel."
    Though Mrs. Lapidus does not understand a word, she listens carefully, hears that name again. Gogol. Lightly, in pencil, she writes it down on the registration form.
    She bends down so that her face is level with his, and extends a hand to his shoulder. "Can you tell me how old you are, Nikhil?"
    He thanks Mrs. Lapidus. "Be good, Nikhil," he says in English. And then, after a moment's hesitation, he is gone.
  • Q2
    Paragraphs 7 and 8 are important to the development of the plot because they -
    present the solution to the main problem
    signify the point at which the narrator and his daughter understand their conflict
    reflect the narrator's past mistakes and lessons he has learned
    provide an unexpected ending
  • Q3
    The details about the size of the creek in paragraph 1 are significant to the story's plot because -
    the narrator knows exactly where to catch the most fish in the creek
    the creek is so wide and deep that the narrator's escape route is cut off
    the narrator is so busy studying the creek that he does not notice the cougar right away
    the creek is too narrow to offer the narrator any protection from the cougar
  • Q4
    What is left unresolved at the end of the story?
    The cougar's dilemma
    The narrator's conflict with his father
    The reason why the cougar fled
    The narrator's need to find his way home
  • Q5
    The tone of the story becomes increasingly -
  • Q6
    Which quotation provides the best evidence that the story takes place in a rural setting?
    I ran to the barn, ashamed and confused.
    She reached across the bush in front and touched my plastic rose.
    On one of our walks, she headed for the bushes.
    When the first frost came in November, Aunt Jessie fretted.

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