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  • Q1
    Read the following from paragraph 8. Why does the author use personification in this quotation?
    Question Image
    The baseball game symbolizes the love of the family.
    The author is showing the distance the ball has traveled.
    The author is comparing the ball to a bird.
    The description mimics the boy's disappointment.
  • Q2
    Which paragraph from the selection provides imagery that gives a sense of the father's personality?
    Paragraph 7
    Paragraph 14
    Paragraph 11
    Paragraph 13
  • Q3
    The descriptions of Mrs. Lapidus and Gogol in paragraph 3 create a contrast between a -
    strict principal and a nervous kindergartner
    dependable adult and a playful boy
    professional adult and an ordinary child
    busy administrator and a carefree student
  • Q4
    The author compares the pieces of her grandfather's collection to "dear old friends" in paragraph 2 to suggest that the grandfather -
    fondly knew many of the original owners of the objects he collected
    had acquired most of the collection as gifts
    was aware the collection might help him later in life
    feels a strong emotional bond to his collected objects
  • Q5
    Read this quotation from paragraph 12. How is irony demonstrated in this quotation?
    Question Image
    It shows that each object in the grandfather's collection is worth more than he initially thought.
    It illuminates the reason the grandfather treasures something of little monetary value.
    It shows that the grandfather's act of charity is helping him during his own time of need.
    It brings closure to the problem the grandfather faces as a result of political change in his country.
  • Q6
    What does the act of buying and selling the gold nugget represent?
    Making sacrifices to survive
    A desire for material riches
    Spiritual peace and tranquility
    Excessive pride
  • Q7
    In paragraph 2, the "first frost" represents the -
    persistence of hope
    beginning of trouble
    inevitability of death
    unfairness of life

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