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Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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12 questions
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  • Q1
    The author's purpose for writing this selection is to -
    explain the effect Yankee Stadium had on Billy Crystal
    illustrate Mickey Mantle's importance to baseball
    recognize Billy Crystal's achievements as an actor
    promote the public's increased interest in baseball
  • Q2
    In which line from the article does the author reveal how she would like others to respond to her lack of hearing?
    Unlike a wheelchair or a white cane, my disability doesn't announce itself.
    It's a tender part, and you should handle it with care.
    I had always hated to be seen as inferior, so I never mentioned my lack of hearing.
    If I tell, people may see only my disability.
  • Q3
    According to the author, Pat Summitt learned important lessons about how to face difficult circumstances from her time spent -
    playing on the 1976 Olympic team
    dealing with her Alzheimer's diagnosis
    losing games as a new coach
    working on her family's farm
  • Q4
    Tara VanDerveer thinks Pat Summitt is equipped to handle her illness because of -
    her physical conditioning
    the availability of good medical care
    her coaching experience
    the support from her team
  • Q5
    The selection is mainly about -
    the importance of luck in finding success in Hollywood
    the need for adult guidance
    the importance of trusting oneself
    the limited career opportunities for women in Arkansas
  • Q6
    What is the primary purpose of the article?
    To detail how a special team of zoologists saves endangered animals
    To explain how a penguin made an unusual journey
    To make an argument for the release of animals from captivity
    To describe the remarkable qualities of an unusual penguin
  • Q7
    What is the main idea of the article?
    New Zealanders turned an emperor penguin into an instant celebrity.
    An emperor penguin traveled thousands of miles to reach New Zealand.
    New Zealanders helped a lost emperor penguin return to the Antarctic.
    A zoo in New Zealand saved the life of an ailing emperor penguin.
  • Q8
    What is the author's primary purpose for writing the article?
    To describe the types of awards that parents and coaches should give to children for their accomplishments
    To emphasize the unfairness of organizations that provide awards to all children regardless of merit
    To convince readers that children will learn valuable life lessons only if they are not rewarded simply for participation
    To explain to readers the benefits of rewarding children for their participation in competitive activities
  • Q9
    Which sentence best expresses the controlling idea of the article?
    It adds up: trophy and award sales are now an estimated $3 billion-a-year industry in the United States and Canada.
    Trophies were once rare things-sterling silver loving cups bought from jewelry stores for truly special occasions.
    Awards can be powerful motivators, but nonstop recognition does not inspire children to succeed.
    But after such praise of their innate abilities, they collapse at the first experience of difficulty.
  • Q10
    What is the primary purpose of the article?
    To suggest that scientists will never fully understand why people yawn
    To summarize research on contagious yawning
    To describe how human yawning differs from dog yawning
    To explain why yawning is healthful for people and animals
  • Q11
    Which sentence best states the main idea of the selection?
    Little Free Libraries are small wooden boxes that hold a wide variety of books that appeal to many different types of people.
    Building Little Free Libraries was appealing to DooSun You of South Korea because books are a treasure in his life that he wanted to share with his neighbors.
    Hundreds of Little Free Libraries have been built with funds collected by people who have started fundraising campaigns on the Internet.
    Little Free Libraries are growing in popularity around the world because they bring neighbors together and make books more accessible.
  • Q12
    Which quotation best supports the main idea of the selection?
    I love having the world's newspapers on my electronic doorstep.
    The demon iPad beckoned silently from the picnic table.
    For several years, I kept my Internet addiction under control by using inconvenient technology: a creaky laptop and a slow dial-up connection.
    It's important not to let the convenience of the Internet get in the way of simpler beauties.

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