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  • Q1
    On which persuasive technique does the author most rely?
    Personal experience
    Emotional appeal
    Vague generality
    Scientific evidence
  • Q2
    In paragraph 10, the author suggests that his friends -
    share many of the same challenges that he faces
    are very important to him
    have had difficulty understanding his particular struggles
    made his invention of groundball possible
  • Q3
    In paragraphs 6 and 7, the author makes generalizations to suggest that texting -
    should be studied more
    does not require skill
    causes no harm
    helps build relationships
  • Q4
    Read these sentence fragments from paragraph 3. The author is implying that -
    Question Image
    uncertainty leads to navigational difficulties
    driving in unfamiliar places should make people uncomfortable
    travelers may experience something from a drive that computers can't predict
    navigation software has become more reliable
  • Q5
    Why does the author include the quotation from Eric Riback in paragraph 7?
    To show that map publishers are engaged in creative activities
    To establish that a community of map enthusiasts still exists
    To explain how maps can act as mementos
    To support his own viewpoint that maps enhance travel
  • Q6
    Read this quotation from paragraph 4. In this statement, the author shows that he thinks -
    Question Image
    young people are more adventurous than older, more experienced travelers
    planning a trip in exact detail takes too much time and effort
    less well-known tourist attractions can be as thrilling as the popular ones
    it's worthwhile to risk wasting time during a trip in the hopes of being surprised
  • Q7
    On the advantages of using paper maps, the author's wife is mostly -
  • Q8
    Why does the author begin the selection with the words "Call me a fossil"?
    To acknowledge that he is older than most of his readers
    To establish that he is used to his beliefs being questioned
    To show he understands that his views are considered outdated
    To indicate how people often address him
  • Q9
    How does the author try to convince readers of his point in paragraph 9?
    He provides an emotional appeal for change.
    He provides expert testimony from other climbers.
    He fondly describes his past experiences.
    He acknowledges that his experiences may have been rare.
  • Q10
    Read this sentence from paragraph 14. Based on this sentence, the reader can conclude that -
    Question Image
    modern society does not value connectedness
    the Himalaya is a difficult place for disconnecting from the modern world
    making a real connection in the modern world demands effort
    the impulse to be connected to others is a modern phenomenon
  • Q11
    In which sentence does the author seem to accept that technology on Mount Everest is inevitable?
    Sitting in a cozy inn, immersed in conversation, was far more seductive than surfing the Web.
    This was what many travelers were looking for: places so hard to get to, and so different from the world we knew, that their very existence seemed almost miraculous.
    When I first trekked the Everest route, in October 1983, it felt as though I'd entered a world completely detached from the familiar.
    We are far past the time when we can expect to find a Shangri-La, anywhere, beyond the reach of the Internet.
  • Q12
    The author mentions the movie 'E.T.' in order to —
    explain his inability to view movies with a critical eye
    support his opinion that good movies provoke good debates
    indicate that the events in his article took place long ago
    provide context for his early experience handling criticism
  • Q13
    Why does the author directly address the reader in paragraphs 21 through 27?
    He is offering praise for well-written books.
    He is scolding the reader for thinking too critically.
    He has changed his opinion about the purpose of criticism.
    He wants to engage and instruct the reader.

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