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  • Q1
    Xavier would like to add some sentences to help transition from the third paragraph (sentences 14–17) to the fourth paragraph (sentences 18–26). Which of the following could Xavier add after sentence 17?
    Should they tear it down? Should they use a helicopter?
    A helicopter could be dangerous. Obviously, it would be costly.
    Each suggestion had its own problems. And in the meantime Grady remained stuck.
    People from all around the country had ideas that they wanted to share. Some were good; others not so much.
  • Q2
    Xavier realizes that he should have added the following sentence to the fourth paragraph (sentences 18–26). Where is the most effective place to insert this sentence?
    Question Image
    After sentence 22
    After sentence 24
    After sentence 19
    After sentence 18
  • Q3
    Xavier would like to improve the closing paragraph (sentences 27–32) by replacing sentence 32. Which of the following could best replace sentence 32 and help strengthen this paper’s closing?
    For the rest of her life, Grady lived on Mach’s farm.
    It was the unique tale of a cow’s rescue, but it was also an inspiring story of American ingenuity and determination.
    In fact, as you can tell, I’m telling the story of this magnificent and unusual cow even now!
    Grady the cow had been such an unassuming animal.
  • Q4
    Catherine would like to provide a more detailed thesis statement for her paper. Which of the following could replace sentence 3 and accomplish this goal?
    Instead, Baumgartner was high above Earth-24 miles to be precise-and jumped without a jet or spacecraft of any kind.
    Instead, Baumgartner, who was 24 miles above Earth at the time, jumped out of a capsule and proceeded to free-fall, traveling at speeds of more than 800 miles per hour.
    Instead, Baumgartner was 24 miles above Earth at the time, which is quite an amazing distance, and jumped, which is quite an amazing feat.
    Instead, Baumgartner was several miles above the beautiful, majestic Earth at the time that he decided to make a magnificent jump.
  • Q5
    Byron would like to add a sentence to the end of the first paragraph (sentences 1-5) to help transition into the ideas in the second paragraph (sentences 6-9). Which sentence can be added after sentence 5 to help accomplish this goal?
    Aside from the historical references mentioned above, Thonis-Heracleion was essentially forgotten-that is, until recently.
    But one day, as so often happens, everything changed, and it changed rapidly and excitingly and permanently.
    It was difficult to say whether the ancient city was real or had just been a figment of someone's imagination.
    Because no one could definitively prove that it had ever existed, people had trouble believing that it actually had.
  • Q6
    Byron has offered a weak thesis for his paper. Which of the following could replace sentence 9 and provide a more effective thesis statement for this paper?
    In the end it just happened to be the place and the city of Thonis-Heracleion.
    In time they realized that they had actually found what was a very ancient city.
    Before long they realized that they had found the city of Thonis-Heracleion.
    At first no one knew exactly what had been discovered, but there was plenty of curiosity.
  • Q7
    Which of these sentences could best follow sentence 13 and provide additional support for the main idea of the third paragraph (sentences 10-14)?
    The remains of more than 60 ships, at least 700 ancient anchors, gold coins, and bronze, lead, and stone weights indicate that the city was a major trading port in the eastern Mediterranean.
    In his research Goddio has collaborated with archaeologists, Egyptologists, historians, geologists, geophysicists, computer engineers, and others.
    The city was probably an important entry port for trade into Egypt before it sank into the Mediterranean Sea so many centuries ago.
    Some accounts suggest that both Helen of Troy and her lover, Paris, were stranded on the island for a period of time as they hid from her Greek husband.
  • Q8
    Byron would like to close with a relevant quotation that reiterates the main idea of this paper. Which of these could follow sentence 28 and best accomplish this goal?
    According to Damian Robinson, director of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the University of Oxford, "It is a major city we are excavating."
    "We are just at the beginning of our research," Goddio remarked. "We will probably have to continue working for the next 200 years for Thonis-Heracleion to be fully revealed and understood."
    Goddio writes, "I knew that I would never be able to undertake an exploration of this scope by myself, and so, in 1987, I founded the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology (IEASM), an independent organization supported by private patronage."
    "The statuettes allow us to examine their belief system and at the same time have wider economic implications," Oxford researcher Sanda Heinz commented. "These figures were mass-produced at a scale hitherto unmatched in previous periods."
  • Q9
    Joe would like to replace sentence 8 with a sentence that better articulates the thesis of his paper. Which of the following will accomplish this goal?
    Surfing requires people who are willing to think about the equipment, the waves, and their own personality traits.
    Surfing requires people who care about the materials used, waves seen, and variety of personality traits represented.
    Surfing requires just the right equipment, careful observation of the waves, and the patience to perfect a difficult skill.
    Surfing certainly requires specific materials, identified waves, and various personality traits.
  • Q10
    Joe thinks he may have included an extraneous idea in the second paragraph (sentences 9-16). Which sentence, if any, should he delete from this paragraph?
    Sentence 13
    No sentence should be deleted from this paragraph.
    Sentence 12
    Sentence 15
  • Q11
    Sofia would like to add the following detail to the first paragraph (sentences 1-8). Where should this sentence be inserted?
    Question Image
    After sentence 1
    After sentence 6
    After sentence 5
    After sentence 3
  • Q12
    Sofia wants to add a quotation after sentence 25 to support the idea that she is trying to convey. Which of the following could best accomplish this goal?
    "We are a little bit of a minority being distance runners," Vogel shared sometime later. "I think we all have an instant connection."
    "I remember moving to her position," Vogel recalled after the event. "[McMath] was doing the best she could to keep her body upright."
    Vogel quietly commented at a later time, "At the time, all I was thinking was that she fell so I probably should pick her up."
    "She was in front of me the whole race, so she deserved to finish in front of me no matter what it took," Vogel later commented.
  • Q13
    Which of the following could replace sentence 28 and provide a more effective transition between the fourth paragraph (sentences 20-27) and the fifth paragraph (sentences 28-32)?
    In the days that followed, both girls were inundated with calls from the media.
    Overall, the girls thought they would eventually have to talk to members of the media.
    However, the girls were soon being interviewed over the phone and on national television.
    In conclusion, the media wanted a story, and they were going to get it no matter what it took.
  • Q14
    Sofia would like to add a quotation to the end of her paper to help bring it to an effective conclusion. Which of the following would be the most effective for her to add?
    Looking back at the day that she both won a gold medal and came in last place, Vogel said, "I got more attention for helping Arden than for winning at state, but I don't mind. Sportsmanship is a much bigger deal than winning a race."
    One day Vogel was heard to have said to a group of people who were listening, "When I hear words like that I think of Harriet Tubman and saving people's lives. I don't consider myself a hero."
    Interestingly, Vogel has been reported to have once said to a reporter, "I was just worried about getting Arden across the finish line and not hurting her."
    "It definitely caught me off guard," Vogel said of the attention after the race. "I was expecting the first week of my summer to be pretty relaxed. I was looking forward to getting away. All I could think was, 'You've got to be kidding me.'"
  • Q15
    Aisha would like to offer a more effective thesis statement for her paper. Which of the following could replace sentences 3 and 4 and help accomplish this goal?
    There was a group in the area that would be called Knits for Nature. This particular group decided that it wanted to help the birds and made sweaters for them that would do this.
    While many people wanted to help the little birds, Knits for Nature acted quickly. After learning about the plight of Australia's fairy penguins, they knew that there was something they could contribute.
    These birds desperately needed some help, or they might all die. A group known as Knits for Nature came to the rescue for the birds with their sweaters.
    A group of concerned conservationists in the area came together to help these birds. The group, which called itself Knits for Nature, began temporarily fitting the oil-soaked birds with handmade sweaters.

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