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  • Q1
    Which sentence below would best follow and support sentence 15?
    There are many ways to achieve this goal that teens will surely want to investigate.
    So teens must learn to avoid tanning beds, but they must also learn to stay out of the sun during the summer.
    Adequate protection is vital because just one blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence greatly increases a person’s risk of developing melanoma later in life.
    Sun exposure can be life threatening to people who have lighter skin, but everyone should learn to be cautious in the sun.
  • Q2
    Which of the following could replace sentence 3 and better articulate the position Kayla is trying to take in this paper?
    However, in recent years the line between the two has blurred, making it more important than ever for people to be cognizant of how they present themselves online.
    Social networking, through such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is common today among teens, adults, and even the elderly.
    People could act and talk a certain way online, but in real life they may be totally different.
    However, in today's world, where Internet activity is such a common occurrence, an online persona cannot be separated from real-life activities and views.
  • Q3
    Kelly is considering whether or not she should add the following supporting detail to the fourth paragraph (sentences 15-20). Where could Kelly place this sentence?
    Question Image
    Kelly should not add this sentence to the paragraph.
    After sentence 18
    After sentence 17
    After sentence 16
  • Q4
    Brianna realizes that she did not include a position statement in this paper. Which sentence could follow sentence 3 and serve as the position statement for her paper?
    Skin cancer is on the rise among young people, and teens should make some basic lifestyle changes to help slow this trend.
    Teenagers must stop lying in the sun, or they will be sure to experience grave consequences.
    Overexposure to tanning beds and natural sunlight has caused huge problems for men and women.
    There are many ways that people can begin to learn more about protecting their skin.

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