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  • Q1
    Brianna is not pleased with the way she has closed her paper. Which of the following could replace sentence 28 and more effectively close this paper?
    It’s time to reduce your exposure, even if you don’t want to.
    Take action now to protect your skin and avoid this life-threatening disease later.
    In closing, it’s important that you make changes so that you won’t get melanoma.
    Everyone is doing it now, so join the crowd and protect yourself.
  • Q2
    Kayla wants to provide a stronger transition between the second paragraph (sentences 4-12) and the third paragraph (sentences 13-16). Which of the following could best replace sentence 13 and accomplish this goal?
    There are also dangers in posting other kinds of information on social media.
    Be cautious as you give out information about other people, too.
    Listen to this story about what happened to one couple.
    Some employers will be concerned about information you may have posted many years ago.
  • Q3
    Kelly wants to add a more effective transition between the second paragraph (sentences 4-11) and the third paragraph (sentences 12-14). Which of the following sentences should be added before sentence 12 to help readers effectively transition from the second to the third paragraph?
    Interfering with the natural circadian rhythms is equally distracting.
    Sleepiness also may occur if the body's circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, is disrupted.
    Perhaps more serious, though, is how this sleepiness can affect a person's mood.
    Using the snooze button can have a negative impact on a person's health.
  • Q4
    Kelly wants to end her essay with a call to action. Which sentence should she add after sentence 21 to best achieve this goal?
    People should stop interrupting sleep cycles with the snooze button in order to get more sleep.
    Put that alarm on the other side of the room and turn off electronics in order to feel more rested.
    The snooze button contributes to unhealthy sleep patterns and should not be used on a regular basis.
    Banish the snooze button and develop healthier sleep habits to feel rested and ready for your busy days.

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