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Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Based on the description of the contents of Kana's backpack in paragraph 12, the reader can conclude that Kana -
    has fewer possessions than her peers
    studies more than American students
    has been influenced by American culture
    values American culture more than her own
  • Q2
    Read the dialogue in paragraphs 11 through 24. When considered with this dialogue, which sentence reveals that Jimmy is hiding his true feelings from his father?
    I looked all around the kitchen to remember it and I was awfully fond of it.
    It was lighter than when I started to climb the ladder and it was cold and very early in the morning.
    I wished we were just going on a fishing trip and not going away.
    It was still dark but along the edge of the hills it was lightening.
  • Q3
    In paragraph 9, the description of the kitchen serves to -
    reveal Jimmy's strong emotional attachment to the cabin
    show that Jimmy feels lonely in this remote setting
    imply that Jimmy hopes his circumstances are improving
    emphasize the unpleasantness of Jimmy's living conditions
  • Q4
    The story explores a theme about the -
    struggle for recognition
    challenges of parent-child relationships
    pleasure of becoming self-reliant
    need to face reality
  • Q5
    The sentence fragments in paragraph 10 help convey Marie-Laure's -
    intense focus
    quiet resentment
    giddy overexcitement
    total disorientation
  • Q6
    The tone of the concluding paragraph can best be described as -
  • Q7
    After Marie-Laure's father says "Take us home" in paragraph 2, the reader can infer from Marie-Laure's reaction that -
    her father never explains the exercise
    she fears being disappointed
    her father says this whenever they go for a walk
    she has gained self-confidence
  • Q8
    Which quotation shows that Marie-Laure is referring to the model in her kitchen as she finds her way home?
    This street intersects this street intersects this street. One centimeter at a time.
    Instead she squats on her heels on the sidewalk.
    They start up the length of the rue Cuvier.
    She says, "We go left."
  • Q9
    What does the description of the model in paragraph 1 reveal about the father's character?
    His expectations for his daughter are unrealistic.
    His love for Marie-Laure is limitless.
    He is meticulous and dedicated.
    He is concerned with irrelevant details.
  • Q10
    Read this quotation from paragraph 1. This description of the salesperson shows that the narrator feels -
    Question Image
    suspicious of the salesperson
    frustration toward the salesperson
    pity for the salesperson
    appreciation for the salesperson
  • Q11
    Which sentence shows that the narrator has been affected by the encounter with the salesperson?
    Then he clicked his case shut and hurried out the door as if afraid I'd change my mind.
    Two things struck me: the case must be very heavy, and he must not have sold anything in a long time.
    When he tried to sell me a second bottle, he understood from my look that it was time to go.
    I understood that I was having these thoughts only because of the stranger with the bony fingers and the worn-down heels, and as I went down to the hutch I felt a burst of irritation as I heard him say: "This is your lucky day."
  • Q12
    Which phrase best describes the shift in tone from the beginning to the end of the excerpt?
    From distrustful to optimistic
    From defiant to sympathetic
    From fatigued to energetic
    From uncooperative to concerned
  • Q13
    Which line suggests that Alejandro is sensitive to the feelings of others?
    And she looks a lot worse than she did yesterday, he didn’t say.
    “Well, I know what kills them, and how to keep that from happening.”
    Dr. Alejandro Benetti shook his head in frustration.
    Why an old lady would come to ski or practice extreme sports was beyond him.

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