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Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 9
ELAR (2009)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these best describes the purpose of the selection?
    To describe the success of the technological breakthrough developed by Dr. V at Aravind Eye Hospital
    To encourage eye surgeons throughout the world to model their methods after those used by Dr. V
    To celebrate the work of an eye surgeon in India and describe the author's experience as a volunteer
    To show differences between the way eye surgery is performed in the East and in the West
  • Q2
    The primary purpose of the selection is to convince readers that -
    the author experienced something positive as a result of his blindness
    the author's life would have been better if he had kept his sight
    many blind people are grateful they do not have sight
    blind people deserve empathy and understanding
  • Q3
    How did the gift of a baseball affect the author?
    It motivated him to create a game that did not require sight.
    It reminded him of the fun activities that he could no longer enjoy.
    It reinforced his belief that people are often thoughtless.
    It offered him the chance to try playing a traditional game.
  • Q4
    According to the article, what happens to language over time?
    Words develop new definitions.
    Sentence constructions no longer follow specific rules.
    Spoken language becomes more literal.
    Formal writing and spoken language become more similar.
  • Q5
    Which sentence best expresses the article's main idea?
    Of course no one thinks about that consciously.
    Texting, far from being a scourge, is a work in progress.
    Texting has long been bemoaned as the downfall of the written word, "penmanship for illiterates," as one critic called it.
    No one talks like that casually-or should.
  • Q6
    Which detail best supports the idea that the mission of Hot Bread Kitchen has public support?
    Entrepreneurs rent space from the bakery to run their businesses.
    Rodriguez had to move the business from her apartment to La Marqueta.
    Charitable contributions help fund the bakery's training program.
    Some of the bakery's former trainees now hold managerial positions.
  • Q7
    What is the main idea of the article?
    The hardworking women at Hot Bread Kitchen have helped it grow from a small nonprofit organization into a large, successful business that will expand into several cities.
    The products of Hot Bread Kitchen, which include many different types of bread, reflect the diverse backgrounds of its employees.
    Jessamyn Rodriguez's bakery, Hot Bread Kitchen, is a successful nonprofit business that provides professional opportunities for immigrant women.
    Jessamyn Rodriguez created her dream job when she established Hot Bread Kitchen after a long career in public service.
  • Q8
    Which statement best expresses the main idea of the essay?
    When visiting zoos, people should respect the animals.
    Zoos benefit everyone by helping animals and educating people.
    As uncomfortable as zoos can make us feel, they are useful and appealing.
    Zoos have initiated many improvements that benefit animals.
  • Q9
    The author's main purpose for writing this article is to -
    explain why drivers have so willingly adopted GPS over printed maps
    argue that navigating with printed maps produces a better road-trip experience than using GPS
    show that GPS and printed maps complement each other
    describe the problems that occur when drivers ignore printed maps in favor of GPS
  • Q10
    Which detail about printed maps is most important to the author's argument?
    They can be framed as art.
    They are available in fewer places today than they once were.
    They encourage a driver and a navigator to work together.
    They are sometimes difficult to read.
  • Q11
    The author includes paragraph 5 to -
    suggest that research into loneliness is inconclusive
    analyze the benefits of living alone
    explain that people prefer living alone to living with someone else
    address a misconception about living alone
  • Q12
    According to the author, the growing number of people living alone -
    will almost certainly affect the economy in a variety of ways
    is an inevitable result of a decline in family values
    makes it difficult to study how happy people are
    should not be interpreted as a sign of increased loneliness
  • Q13
    In 2008, what did the author notice about how the new technology was affecting those who work near Mount Everest?
    They preferred to stick with traditional forms of communication.
    They did not have the means to take advantage of the new technology.
    They were embracing the new technology rapidly.
    They were becoming much more efficient in their jobs.
  • Q14
    What is the most likely reason the author wrote the article?
    To show readers that bringing broadband service to the Himalaya is dangerous
    To recall how his love of trekking in the Himalaya in Nepal developed
    To convince readers that Internet service has changed the experience of trekking the Himalaya
    To criticize the growing popularity of Mount Everest with climbers and tourists
  • Q15
    What does Leonard predict will cause the Inughuits to move south?
    The loss of their traditional language
    The end of their distinctive cultural heritage
    The desire to move into modern housing
    The effects of climate change on their environment

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