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1.2 Lesson Assessment, Part 1

Quiz by Joshua A. Strong

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Sandra es una estudiante. Samuel _____.
    es uno estudiante
    es un estudiante
    es una estudiante
    son un estudiantes
  • Q2
    Raúl es un chico estudioso. Rebecca es _____.
    una chica estudiosa
    son las chica estudioso
    son unas chicas estudiosas
    son una chica estudiosas
  • Q3
    Pilar y Olivia son amigas. Tomás y Victor _____.
    es unos amigos
    es amigos
    son amigos
    es amigo
  • Q4
    El señor Rodriguez es un hombre. La señora Rodriguez _____.
    es una mujer
    es una hombre
    son unas hombres
    es un mujer
  • Q5
    La señora Estrella es una maestra. El señor Estrella _____.
    es los mastro
    es el maestro
    es la maestro
    es un maestro
  • Q6
    Los sábados, me gusta comer _____ helados con Marcos y Luís.
  • Q7
    Ellos son unos estudiantes muy _____.
  • Q8
    _____ es inteligente.
    Los chicos (or Las chicas)
    El chico (or La chica)
  • Q9
    _____ son artísticos.
    Las maestras
    Los mestros
    El maestro
    La maestra
  • Q10
    What are cascarones?
    They are confetti-filled eggs broken on someone's head for good luck.
    They are candy-filled eggs that are eaten at Easter and other celebrations for good luck.
    They are candy-filled chocolate eggs eaten at Easter.
    They are an egg dessert served at Easter time for good luck.
  • Q11
    When are cascarones popular?
    They are popular at religious events.
    They are popular only during Fiesta San Antonio.
    They are popular at nonreligious events.
    They are popular at Easter, parties, or graduations.
  • Q12
    What is the Riverwalk?
    The Riverwalk is an attraction in La Villita that contains restaurants, cafés, and an outdoor movie theater.
    The Riverwalk is an attraction in downtown San Antonio that contains the Alamo, restaurants, and an amusement park.
    The Riverwalk is an attraction in La Villita, where one can ride in river boats, visit the amusement park, or eat at cafés.
    The Riverwalk is an attraction in downtown San Antonio where one can eat at restaurants, ride in river taxis, or visit the nearby Alamo.
  • Q13
    Tex-Mex is a regional cuisine that combines styles of cooking from Mexico and Texas. Which of these ingredients would NOT be found in Tex-Mex foods?
    refried beans
    yellow cheese
    black beans
  • Q14
    Typical Tex-Mex foods include _____.
    chips and salsa
    all of these
    chile con carne
  • Q15
    Which of these is NOT a reason that Mexican food is different from Tex-Mex?
    Mexico is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west, so seafood is plentiful.
    Wheat is a winter crop, so it cannot be grown in Mexico; it must be imported.
    Texas has open grasslands that make raising cattle easy; Mexico does not.
    Mexico is poor, so Mexicans cannot afford to buy products like yellow cheese, beef and flour.

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