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1-3. Each statement describes a social issue or concern. Identify what is being referred to by choosing the correct answer.


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  • Q1

    1. Panic, worry, darkness closing in around me. These are some of the words I could use to describe my anxiety, but nothing I can say could speak of its entirety, as I cry internally thinking I've lost my sanity.-Tiffaney L. Ganci

    b. Environmental Issue

    b. Environmental Issue

    c. Mental health Issue

    a. Political Issue

  • Q2

    2. Living in fear, day in and day out, "Leave me alone," I just want to shout. When you call me names like stupid and fool, I don't understand, why are you so cruel?-Martine Indroy

    a. Bullying

    c. Political issue

    . Environmental Issue

    b. Depression

  • Q3

    3. Agreed men cannot be raped and women cannot be shaped But desire and emotions are same both want respect, status and fame There should not be partiality in education and living facilities It is the few people’s arrogance who think women their opulence-S.D. Tiwari

    c. Gender discrimination

    d. Religious Issue

    a. Mental health Issue

    b. Environmental Issue

  • Q4

    4. Choose which scenario shows relating text content to social issues, concerns and disposition in life.

    c. Loi read the piece “The necklace

    b. Riza experienced bullying when she was 13.

    a. David read on the internet the poem Richard Cory and he shared his takeaways from the poem which is related to him.

  • Q5

    5. Choose which scenario shows the realization of the importance of literature in addressing social issues, concerns, and disposition in real life.

    a. Kt read a lot of literary pieces and from that she shares her knowledge about the importance of literature in real life.

    c. Mel collects different types of books and reads them every day.

    b. DJ loves to read books.


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