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1.3 English Policies and Colonial Concerns

Quiz by Alexandra Lee

Grade 7
Social Studies
Florida Standards

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Grade 7
Social Studies
Florida Standards


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  • Q1
    Which document addressed colonial concerns about English policies?
    Bill of Rights
    Mayflower Compact
    The Declaration of Independence
    US Constitution
  • Q2
    This stamp is from the front page of a 1765 newspaper. What was the significance of the stamp on the newspaper?
    Question Image
    It represented the colonists' fulfillment of English tax policies.
    It demonstrated that Parliament controlled the colonists' press outlets.
    It represented colonists' opposition to English tax policies.
    It demonstrated that Parliament ignored the colonists' media communications.
  • Q3
    This political cartoon was created by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. Which action did the colonists use this cartoon to support?
    Question Image
    Dissolving colonial charters
    Declaring independence from the British monarchy.
    Declaring loyalty to the British monarchy
    Dissolving colonial legislatures
  • Q4
    These quotes are from historical documents. What is the relationship between these concepts?
    Question Image
    Both represent actions taken by the colonists to enforce English policies.
    Both declare to the world why the colonists wanted freedom from England.
    Both are responses by England to the actions of the colonists.
    Both are in response to English policies imposed upon the colonists.
  • Q5
    Why did Parliament eventually repeal the Stamp Act, which taxed goods such as newspapers and playing cards?
    The colonists were able to produce their own goods.
    The colonists began boycotting British goods.
    The colonists established a blockade against British goods.
    The colonists started destroying British goods.

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