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13.2 Mongolian Empire

Quiz by Andrew Cook

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  • Q1
    Who established (or created) the Mongol Empire
    Kublai Khan
    Genghis Khan
    Mr. Khan
    General Wudi
  • Q2
    Who did Genghis first establish control over in his effort to create a massive empire?
    The Turks
    The Islamic Empires
    His own tribes of Mongolia
  • Q3
    Which of the following was an ADVANTAGE of the Mongol Empire over China?
    That all soldiers had horses and could move quickly
    They had fireworks
    They had gunpowder
    None of the listed answers
  • Q4
    Once the Mongols conquered China they acquired (got) access to ___________________.
    The Atlantic Ocean
    The Silk Road and its trade
    The Pacific Ocean
  • Q5
    When Genghis Khan died what surprising thing happened?
    The Mongol Empire collapsed
    The Mongol Empire outlawed religion
    The Mongol Empire continued to expand despite the death of their leader
    The Mongol Empire became poor
  • Q6
    What was life like under the Mongol Empire
    Unfair. Laws were fair but did not apply to everyone
    Great! They were a completely equal society who made everyone practice the same religion
    Fair. Women had equal rights and laws were applied to all.
    Horrible! They allowed anyone to have religion but women had no rights.
  • Q7
    What was the Pax Mongolica
    A time of peace and prosperity brought on by an opening of the Silk Road to all.
    None of the answers listed
    A time when the Mongols slaughtered all peoples who were different from them.
    A time of war and famine (no food)
  • Q8
    Who was Marco Polo?
    He was a Chinese general in the army
    He was an Italian explorer, trader, and linguist (learned many languages) who spent time in China.
    He was a Hungarian soldier
    He was an Italian monk
  • Q9
    How did Marco Polo's travels influence Europe?
    It created a war
    It allowed for some trade between China and North America
    It exposed Europeans to the culture and trade of the Mongol Empire and not just the war and savagery of them.
    It was believed to be fake and no one cared about it.

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