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13/2/20 live exam

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  • Q1
    If p is the internal pressure in a thin cylinder of diameter d and thickness t, the hoop stress developed is :
  • Q2
    Pick up the correct statement from among the following:
    In compressible flow, the density of a fluid changes from point to point
    All of these ( A, B  & D )
    In uniform flow, the velocity of a fluid does not change with respect to length of flow direction
    In incompressible flow, the density of a fluid remains constant
  • Q3
    The flow in open channel is laminar if the Reynolds number is
    More than 500
    None of these
    Less than 500
  • Q4
    The main function of a diversion head works of a canal from a river, is
    To raise water level
    To remove silt
    To store water
    To control floods
  • Q5
    A current meter measures the velocity of flow, if it is held
    At the bottom of channel
    At any point within the cross section
    None of these
    On the surface of water
  • Q6
    Irrigation canals are generally aligned along:
    Straight line
    Ridge line
    Contour line
    Valley line
  • Q7
    For double angles carrying tension placed back to back and connected to either side of the gusset plate, the sectional area of the section, is equal to cross sectional area of:
    The section
    The section multiplied by the area of rivet holes
    The section plus area of rivet holes
    The section minus area of rivet holes
  • Q8
    For the determination of allowable stress and axial compression, Bureau of Indian Standards has adopted:
    Engesser Formula
    Euler's Formula
    Rankien's Formula
    Secant formula
  • Q9
    The stress in the wall of a thin cylinder subjected to internal pressure is :
    Hoop tension
    Hoop compression
    Torsional shear
  • Q10
    If A is the depth of water in meters, B is the number of days of base period and D is the duty in hectare/cumec, the relation which holds good, is
    Δ = 8.64B/D
    D= Δ 8.64 D/B
    D = Δ8.64/B
    D = Δ8.64/D

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