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1.4 Causes and Effects of Spanish explorers


Grades 6-8
Social Studies
Utah Core Standards

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  • Q1
    What were Spanish explorers looking for in Utah?
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    They were traveling through and arrived purely by accident
    They were looking for an alternate route to California
    They were looking for more people to trade with
    They wanted to conquer Native American land
  • Q2
    The Declaration of Independence was signed the same year as the Dominguez-Escalante expedition
  • Q3
    The Declaration of Independence might have caused Dominguez and Escalante to go looking for alternate routes and unexplored territory
  • Q4
    What was one of the effects of Spanish explorers coming to Utah?
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    They opened up trade relations with Native Americans
    They began to convert Native Americans to Christianity
    There was no effect, they just passed on through Utah
    They caused war with the Native Americans
  • Q5
    What was the initial reaction by the Ute tribe when they saw the explorers?
    They were a little scared but not really
    They burned supplies and prepared for battle
    They ran out to meet them
    They were very excited to see foreigners
  • Q6
    What was one of the biggest reasons the Dominguez Escalante group was received positively by the Utes?
    Because the two priests spoke Ute and could communicate with them
    Because they had native Utes that were their guides who spoke well on their behalf
    Because the priests brought many gifts with them
    Because the priests were peaceful and so were the Utes
  • Q7
    About how long did Escalante-Dominguez stay with the Utes?
    1 month
    10 days
    1 year
    6 months
  • Q8
    From Escalante's journal, what is something the priests taught the Utes?
    They taught them geography of Santa Fe
    They taught them how to farm and garden
    To combat troubling times, they could pray for help to Jesus and Maria
    To defend themselves against other explorers, burn their supplies
  • Q9
    What caused the Escalante-Dominguez explorers to go back to Santa Fe?
    There was an early winter storm
    The lack of supplies caused them to turn around
    They became very threatened by Native Americans
    They decided California was too far away anyway
  • Q10
    While the Dominguez-Escalante expedition traveled home, they were stuck 12 days in this Utah geographic feature
    Green River
    Glen Canyon
    Colorado River
    Grand Canyon
  • Q11
    Which of the following is not a contribution of Spanish explorers in Utah?
    Spanish Fork
    St. George
    La Sal Mountains
  • Q12
    Which of the following is not a contribution of Spanish explorers in Utah?
    Introduced Christianity
    Created maps of the area
    Spanish Fork

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