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1.4 Ideas of the Declaration of Independence

Quiz by Kirk Hansen

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was the Declaration of Independence written?
    for Great Britain to apologize to American colonists
    to explain why the colonies were separating from Great Britain
    to start the American Revolution
    to offer a peace settlement to Great Britain
  • Q2
    According to Thomas Jefferson, the power to rule comes from
    the citizens
    the king
  • Q3
    How do natural rights, as described in the Declaration of Independence, differ from other rights?
    Natural rights come from the government.
    People are born with natural rights.
    People can vote to choose natural rights.
    Natural rights are given only to citizens.
  • Q4
    According to the Declaration of Independence, people have the right to create a new government when the government
    consents to be replaced
    takes powers from other countries
    interferes with people’s rights
    supports the pursuit of happiness
  • Q5
    One of the principles stated in the Declaration of Independence is that government should
    be based upon the consent of the governed
    have unlimited power to rule the people
    guarantee economic equality among citizens
    be led by educated citizens

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