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5 questions
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  • Q1
    The main goal of the Truman Doctrine was to
    restrict the spread of communism.
    force Germany to pay war reparations.
    promote free elections in Europe and Northern Africa.
    force Japan to pay war reparations.
  • Q2
    The Soviet blockade of West Berlin was a response to
    the formation of the Warsaw Pact.
    efforts by Eastern nations to reunify Germany.
    formation of the W.H.O and the League of Nations.
    efforts by Western nations to reunify Germany.
  • Q3
    When an armistice was signed ending the Korean War,
    a communist government was established in South Korea.
    China gained control of the entire peninsula.
    North and South Korea were still divided along the 38th parallel.
    communist fears in the United States were lifted.
  • Q4
    After the U-2 incident, all of the following events occurred EXCEPT
    Francis Gray Powers was released from prison after 18 months.
    Khrushchev called off a submit conference on the arms race.
    Khrushchev withdrew his invitation for Eisenhower to visit the Soviet Union.
    the Soviet Union rejected Eisenhower's "open skies" proposal at Geneva.
  • Q5
    Accusations that communism was widely present in the U.S. government and military were made by
    Alger Hiss
    Richard M. Nixon
    Joseph McCarthy
    Douglas MacArthur

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