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  • Q1

    Part A: Which statement best summarizes the theme of the text?

    Helping others can be a rewarding experience.

    No matter what we do, death comes to all living things.

    Life is full of unexpected terms.

    Nature is both inspiring and terrifying.

    Not all humans are inherently cruel.

  • Q2

    Part B: Part B: Which detail from the text best supports your answer from part A?

    “Some farmers went ice-skating down the gravel roads with clubs to harvest the pheasants that sat helplessly in the roadside ditches. The boys went out into the freezing rain to find pheasants too. “

    “They stood over the pheasants, turning their own heads, looking at each other, each expecting the other to do something. To pounce on a pheasant, or to yell Bang!”

    “Then one of the boys said, Shh. He was taking off his coat, the thin layer of ice splintering in flakes as he pulled his arms from the sleeves. But the inside of the coat was dry and warm.”

    “The boys had not brought clubs, or sacks, or anything but themselves.”

  • Q3

    "What Happened During the Ice Storm" describes a few farm boy’s encounters with pheasants during an ice storm. Write an assertion in which you identify the theme of the passage and explain how it is developed throughout the course of the text. Be sure to restate and answer the question in a complete, complex sentence. 

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