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17.2 Closure

Quiz by Kristina Haley

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  • Q1
    What single dilation produces the same image as the composition
    Question Image
    Do, 33
    Do, 120
    D o, 3/160
    Do, 90
  • Q2
    The sequence of similarity transformations below is applied to PQR to get STV; (x, y) → (2x, 2y) → (2x, 3-2y). What are the coordinates of R''?
    Question Image
    (2, -3)
    (2, 3)
    (2, -6)
    (2, 9)
  • Q3
    Consider the transformation shown. Which method can convert the image back to the pre-image?
    Question Image
    a translation 3 units to the right
    a dilation centered about point A with a scale factor of 2
    a translation 4 units up
    a dilation centered about the origin with a scale factor of 2

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