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1960ś Test Review

Quiz by Angie Diaz

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    book helped to revive the interest in the women's rights movement.
    Betty Friedan's
  • Q2
    Roy Benavidez saved 8 lives during the Vietnam War and receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
    Congressional Medal of Honor.
  • Q3
    The Chicano Mural Movement helped to increase awareness of
    Mexican heritage.
  • Q4
    Presidents disagree with the War Powers Act because it restricts the Presidential powers to
    send troops into combat.
  • Q5
    was known for organizing boycotts to help expand economic opportunities
    The United Farm Workers Union
  • Q6
    were civil rights activists for migrant (farm) workers.
    Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta
  • Q7
    The Fall of Saigon was the takeover of South Vietnam which marked the
    end of the Vietnam War.
  • Q8
    was a landmark case for Texas education which led to "Robin Hood" legislation
    Edgewood v Kirby
  • Q9
    is one way political rights were expanded. it lowered the voting age to 18
    26th amendment
  • Q10
    ruled that racial segregation in school is unconstitutional.
    Delgado V Bastrop and Mendez v Westminister ISD, the Supreme Court
  • Q11
    Americans 18-21 achieve success in gaining new political rights? (
  • Q12
    established as a part of Johnson's Great Society to help decrease poverty among elderly Americans.
  • Q13
    were to help expand opportunities for women & minorities.
    Great Society, Affirmative Action, and Title IX
  • Q14
    was a defining event of the 1960's where many people voiced their concern over a lack of an official declaration of war.
    Vietnam War
  • Q15
    Nixon transferred responsibility for the war effort to the South Vietnamese troops.

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