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1984 Book 2 Chapter 1 (imported from Quizlet)

Quiz by Estefanie Rivas Castillo

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    it means bothersome or persistent especially in a petty or tiresome way
  • Q2
    it means silly and pointless
  • Q3
    it means free from a constraint or difficulty
  • Q4
    What does Winston notice about the girl with dark hair?
    her right arm was in a sling
  • Q5
    What was a common accident in the Fiction Department?
    crushing your hand while swinging round one of the big kaleidoscopes
  • Q6
    What happened to cause the girl to scream out in pain?
    she tripped and fell on her arm
  • Q7
    Winston assumes the piece of paper has to do with politics. What are the two possibilities of the message the piece of paper holds?
    a threat, summons, order to commit suicide, trap,a message from the brotherhood
  • Q8
    What did the message say?
    "I love you."
  • Q9
    When Parsons sat next to Winston, what was he enthusiastic about?
    a paper-mache model of BB head, 2m wide made by his daughter's troop of spies
  • Q10
    Why is sending a letter in the mail not an option?
    all letters were opened in transit
  • Q11
    Why does Winston not achieve his mission of sitting next to the girl in the canteen?
    Wilsher asks him and calls him to sit with him
  • Q12
    Explain Winston's quick hallucination in response to be distracted
    smashing a pickax right in the middle of Wilsher's face
  • Q13
    Where are Winston and this girl supposed to meet?
    Victory Square, near the monument
  • Q14
    When Winston meets the girl, what is causing a diversion for them?
    convoy of Eurasion prisoners passing
  • Q15
    What directions does the girl give to Winston?
    a route to a meeting place

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