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1990 - Present and Ever-Changing America

Quiz by Deborah Gonzales

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  • Q1

    Which American value is described in this excerpt?

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  • Q2

    Which phrase best describes the goal of this amendment?

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    To limit due process rights

    To restrain the power of judicial activists

    To limit the power of the federal government

    To restrict civil liberties

  • Q3

    What does the motto shown on this seal mean?

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    “America First”

    “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality"

    “Out of Many, One”

    “Justice for All”

  • Q4

    Why did the United States adopt the motto In God We Trust in 1956?

    To distinguish the nation from countries that restricted religious practices

    To honor the financial and societal contributions of various religious organizations

    To commemorate the social changes introduced by Christian leaders

    To encourage the growth of religious institutions throughout the country

  • Q5

    What was the initial response of the U.S. government to the attacks of September11, 2001?

    To form a coalition to eliminate training bases in Pakistan

    To impose economic sanctions on Libya for sponsoring terrorist activities

    To begin military operations in Afghanistan

    To reopen military bases in Europe that had been closed after the Cold War

  • Q6

    Which situation is an example of a person using technology initially designed for the military?

    A woman uses a Global Positioning System to navigate around town.

    A teenager pumps gasoline into a new car.

    A pediatrician vaccinates patients against polio.

    A man uses a credit card to pay for new purchases.

  • Q7

    One advantage offered by hybrid cars is that they —

    reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline

    shorten the driving time to destinations

    expand the use of carpools

    decrease household electricity usage

  • Q8

    Innovations in which industry will most likely make this kind of surgery possible?

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  • Q9

    Who is the recipient of this award?

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    Hillary Clinton

    Frances Perkins

    Barbara Jordan

    Sandra Day O’Connor

  • Q10

    What role did the Supreme Court play in this declaration?

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    The court ruled on the constitutionality of the vote recount in Florida.

    The court ruled that requiring literacy tests to vote was unconstitutional.

    The court determined that campaign contributions are forms of free speech.

    The court ruled Florida’s use of butterfly ballots violated the Equal Protection Clause.

  • Q11

    What is the primary aim of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001?

    To promote the growth of locally owned small businesses

    To increase funding for military contracts

    To prevent acts of terrorism against the United States

    To limit the amount of foreign investments in the United States

  • Q12

    An employee contacts his supervisor to request time off guaranteed to him under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Under which circumstance do the provisions of this law apply?

    The employee qualifies for time off to complete a college degree.

    The employee qualifies for assignment to a different work location.

    The employee qualifies for time off to care for a newborn child.

    The employee qualifies for an extended vacation due to airline delays.

  • Q13

    What does President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial reflect about modern U.S. politics?

    Congress conducts more thorough investigations of judicial nominees.

    Media outlets focus more on policy issues than on the actions of elected officials.

    Elected officials face greater scrutiny of their personal lives.

    Campaign finances are monitored by a regulatory agency.

  • Q14

    How have computer technology entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos most directly affected the twenty-first-century economy?

    Restaurant owners are able to open fast-food franchises overseas.

    Bankers are able to offer customized loans for potential home buyers.

    More people are able to get hired after graduating from high school.

    More people are able to shop for goods online.

  • Q15

    Which factor best explains the population change in California, Texas, and Florida during this time period?

    Question Image

    An increase in the number of coal-mining jobs

    An increase in the number of economic opportunities

    A lack of a sales tax on consumer goods

    Fewer environmental protection laws


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