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1st Monthly Exam in E.T (Process) 2 points each

Quiz by Marychie Manlutac

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The user inserts his external device to another computer to copy a file and removes it right after, when he opened his external device to his computer he noticed a suspicious file attached to his system. What should be the user do?
    Open the file so he /she can figure out what's inside it.
    Do not open any suspicious file if you are not sure about it.
    Just ignore the file as long as it doesn't affect the computer system
    Open the file then delete it right away if it is not necessary.
  • Q2
    The user opens a file that contains a virus and as a result his computer was infected with the virus and it has gradually spread to his system. What should be the user do?
    Install an anti-virus application
    Ignore the Virus
    Immediately turn off the computer so the virus would stop spreading.
    Immediately find a solution to the virus, remove it right away so it won’t make any more serious problem to your computer.
  • Q3
    The user has noticed that his system is slowly slowing down and it often freeze, also some of his data were already corrupted. What should be the user do?
    Replace it with a new one.
    Immediately find a computer expert to fix and treat his computer system.
    Look for a tutorial video that would help him fix the computer.
    Try to retrieve the corrupted file
  • Q4
    The user never thinks of what he has to say in social media, he does not care if he hurts the feelings of others or offend an organization. What should you do or advice to the user?
    Block the user so he/she won't be bother you.
    Report the user right away
    If you have the opportunity to comment to any of his/her post, then confront him right away.
    Call his/ her attention right away and tell him that he/she’s violating a cybercrime law that might harm him or the other way around.
  • Q5
    The user is starting to make an argument and hot topic on social media causing controversy among the commenters. What should you do or advice to the user?
    Just ignore it after all you have nothing to do with their trouble.
    Find a way to stop or calm the people involved and instead of getting into trouble try to find a solution to the argument and privately confront the user to stop the flame wars.
    Express your opinion to the hot topic.
    Stir up the matter to be more chaotic and exciting
  • Q6
    Which among the following is the right netiquette?
    Know what you are talking about and make sense saying it.
    Feel free to express your opinions, feelings and emotions to your social media accounts as long as it helps your personality development.
    Always post things that will enhance your image and impress others .
    keep up to date with the events in your life so that your followers ca also be updated and get to know you better.
  • Q7
    Which among the following is the right netiquette?
    Share each others social media accounts passwords.
    Voluntarily share your passwords to your partner and ask his/hers in return.
    Do not read other people’s mail without their permission.
    Open other's mail if they are giving you a chance and permission.
  • Q8
    Which among the following is the right netiquette?
    Do not share anything online unless you would benefit from it.
    Share what you know online so your followers will be impressed
    Share expert knowledge online so anyone who needs that particular information will get helped.
    Share whatever you wanted online so you will always have something to share to your followers.
  • Q9
    which among the following is the right netiquette?
    Always have a heart to forgive those who make mistakes online.
    Just ignore whatever you see wrong online as long as it is not affects you.
    Always correct whatever you see wrong online.
    Never tolerate anyone's mistakes online, directly confront them right away.
  • Q10
    Which among the following is the right netiquette?
    Pretend to be nice to anyone online because that's what it should be.
    You still need to have a good manners even though you are online and cannot see the          person face to face.
    It is ok to be nice only in the online world.
    Do not hold your feelings and emotions online especially if you are being mistreated by someone else.

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