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1st PT- Practical Research 2

Quiz by Nerissa Talioaga

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  • Q1
    Why is research important to life?
    Research assesses individual’s or group’s plan of actions as basis for accurate inventions and decisions in life.
    All of the above
    Research helps professionals deliver quality education services.
    Research has the potential for providing quality life.
  • Q2
    Preparing in your mind how to find answers to your research questions is ________.
    controlling your emotion
    designing your research
    deciding on your research topic
    asking research question
  • Q3
    Which is the correct process of conducting research?                                                                                           I. Reviewing related literature                                                                                                                                              II. Analyzing and presenting data                                                                                                                                          III. Collecting data                                                                                                                                                                      IV.  Formulating hypothesis                                                                                                                                                     V. Selecting a general problem                                                                                                                VI.Interpreting the findings and stating the conclusion
    I, II, III, IV, V, VI
    V, I, III, II, IV, VI
    V, I, IV, III, II, VI
    I, III, V, IV, II, VI
  • Q4
    A kind of variable that stands alone and is not changed by the other variables the researcher is attempting to measure is ____________.
    confounding variable
    . independent variable
    dependent variable
    intervening variable
  • Q5
    Which should not be considered in choosing a topic for research?
    Researcher’s area of interest
    Availability of funds
    Research method
    Researcher’s ability and training
  • Q6
    It deals with beliefs about what is right or wrong, proper or improper, good or bad.
  • Q7
    A quantitative research design that is equated with qualitative design is_________.
    true experimental
    . semi experimental method
  • Q8
    Quantitative research designs are true for all experimental designs except the aspect on _________
    subject selection
    variable control
    treatment application
    variable relationship
  • Q9
    Which among the following variables are common in quantitative research?
    participant, situational
    Independent, dependent
    constant, latent
    Extraneous, confounding
  • Q10
    A type of quantitative research in which finding truths about a subject is describing the collected data about such subject and determining their relationships or connections with one another.
  • Q11
    Which of the following is the most important thing for a researcher to consider when deciding on a research topic?
    How they feel about the topic
    How many research journals will want to publish an article on the topic.
    if they have adequate resources to research the topic
    If topic is researchable
  • Q12
    A student is feeling overwhelmed trying to decide on a problem to research. How should she proceed?
    Focus on completing the literature review before deciding on a research problem
    Write down topics she is interested in
    Abandon the concept of research altogether
    Copy the work of others.
  • Q13
    A student is writing a research question. What should his first step be?
    Specifying what the question is about
    Indicating where the research funding is coming from
    Formulating a hypothesis
    ensuring his ideas are researchable
  • Q14
    Which of the following is NOT a reason why formulating a research question is one of the first steps in a research project?
    It helps the researcher formulate and identify important aspects of their research
    It helps refine what is being researched.
    It helps lay the groundwork for the research for the research.
    It helps choosing a topic for research.
  • Q15
    A hypothesis is
    an educated prediction
    description of an event
    a research question
    a psychological diagnosis

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