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1ST Quarter Exam RESEARCH 2017-18


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  • Q1
    When researchers are interested in knowing more than just how well or how accurately something is done and they want to obtain a more holistic picture of what is happening in a specific setting or situation, what form of research is called for?
    experimental research
    content analysis research
    qualitative research
    survey research
  • Q2
    Good research questions are
    clear, significant, and ethical.
    feasible, clear, significant, and ethical.
    feasible, clear, and ethical.
    feasible, clear, significant, and include an hypothesis.
  • Q3
    The group that receives the experimental treatment condition is the _____.
    Experimental group
    Control group
    Independent group
    Participant group
  • Q4
    The group that does not receive the experimental treatment condition is the ________.
    Control group
    Experimental group
    Treatment group
    Independent group
  • Q5
    In an experimental research study, the primary goal is to isolate and identify the effect produced by the ____.
    Confounding variable
    Dependent variable
    Extraneous variable
    Independent variable
  • Q6
    A research which utilizes inferential statistics to determine the results of the study.
    Quantitative research
    Experimental report
  • Q7
    Which of the following research studies is most likely to be an experiment?
    A study of the leadership characteristics of successful high school student
    A study to find out if using concept maps can increase achievement
    A study that compares the cholesterol levels of vegetarians and meat eaters
    A study to determine the number of hours student devote making assignments
  • Q8
    A combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches is known as
    causal-comparative research.
    mixed-methods research.
    explanatory research.
    descriptive research.
  • Q9
    Which of the following are characteristics of quaLitative research?
    not generalizable, subjective, systematic
    systematic, objective, generarizable
    systematic, subjective, not generalizable
    deductive, systematic, subjective
  • Q10
    The independent variable refers to:
    the variable which is only used in the control condition.
    the variable being manipulated or varied in some way by the researcher.
    the variable which shows us the effect of the manipulation.
    a variable which serves as the aim of an experiment.
  • Q11
    When would you write an abstract?
    Once you are aware of the results.
    After the introduction and method sections are completed.
    Before the introduction and after the title.
    After the experiments are done.
  • Q12
    What is the main job of the title?
    The title should be witty.
    The title should characterize the entire report.
    None of these.
    The title should give the reader a snappy version of all the results.
  • Q13
    Why is it important to read original articles when you are reviewing the literature?
    To obtain an overview of methods and procedures.
    To look for flaws (pagkakamali) in the method.
    To examine the validity of the conclusions.
    All of these.
  • Q14
    Plagiarism refers to the fabrication of data.
  • Q15
    In a basic true experiment with only two conditions you are interested in the effects of noise on completing a comprehension task. You decide to play a tape recording of very loud music to which group of participants?
    Those participants in another random group.
    None of these. It is a trick question.
    Those participants in the control condition.
    Those participants in experimental condition.

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