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1st Semester Exam Review

Quiz by Jerod Thomas

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was Pineda an important explorer?
    Question Image
    He created the first fort in Texas
    He made friends with the Indians
    He found the Cities of Gold
    His map encouraged other explorers to go to Texas
  • Q2
    Which explorer came to Texas FIRST? Coronado, Moscoso, Cabaza de Vaca or La Salle?
    Question Image
    Cabaza de Vaca
    La Salle
  • Q3
    This Empresario had the biggest impact on Texas colonization, bringing skilled families to his colony near the Brazos River.
    Question Image
    Green DeWitt
    Lorenzo de Zavala
    Martin DeLeon
    Stephen F. Austin
  • Q4
    What motivated the Spanish to explore the New World?
    Question Image
    God, Gold and Glory
    Land, God and Glory
    Gold, Silver and Jewelry
    Glory, Fame and Fortune
  • Q5
    Of the various cultures that have influenced Texas, which one has left the MOST evidence of their influence?
    Question Image
    The Native Americans
    The French
    The Spanish
    The Mexicans
  • Q6
    Spain started creating Missions after the failure of the Conquistadors when they saw that . . .
    Question Image
    Native Americans wanted to be Catholics
    The French were interested in Texas
    Petroleum could be a valuable resource
    There was gold in Texas
  • Q7
    Which explorer came to Texas LAST? Coronado, Moscoso, Cabeza de Vaca or La Salle?
    Question Image
    Cabeza de Vaca
    La Salle
  • Q8
    Jane Long was known as . . .
    Question Image
    The wife of James Long
    The Mother of Texas
    The Woman in Blue
    The Lady of Texas
  • Q9
    These explorers traveled together through Texas:
    Question Image
    La Salle and Estevanico
    Cabeza de Vaca and La Salle
    Coronado and Moscoso
    Estevanico and Cabeza de Vaca
  • Q10
    The Missions and Presidios were established in order to do what for Spain?
    Question Image
    Keep the Native Americans out of Spanish territory
    Increase their wealth by finding gold
    Create a safe place for Conquistadors to live
    Establish a Spanish presence in Texas and convert the Native Americans
  • Q11
    This is the one Texas region where there were NOT any Empresario Land Grants.
    Question Image
    Great Plains
    Coastal Plains
    Mountains and Basins Region
    Central Plains
  • Q12
    Because the Indians were made to work, exposed to diseases and forced to learn a new religion . . .
    Question Image
    They were excited about becoming Catholics
    They wanted to move into Texas colonies
    They were uninterested in joining the Missions
    They wanted to become Spanish citizens
  • Q13
    This is the group of people who were the first to settle in Texas.
    Question Image
    Native Americans
  • Q14
    Green DeWitt is best known for:
    Question Image
    Arguing with Martin DeLeon over land and then founding Gonzales
    Being the first Mexican Empresario in Texas
    Convincing Stephen F. Austin to bring settlers to Texas
    Establishing the first Anglo settlement in Texas
  • Q15
    Which explorers found gold or treasure in Texas?
    None of them
    Cabeza de Vaca

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